Strengthening the Fort: The Netherlands’ Top 15 Security Startups

Advancing protection and resilience with cutting-edge security technologies in The Netherlands' thriving startup ecosystem

zkSync: Amplifying Blockchain Scalability

zkSync provides tools to increase the scalability of layer 1 Blockchain networks. By focusing on blockchain, network hardware, and network security, zkSync is contributing to building a more secure digital infrastructure.

Sygno: Uncovering Transaction Monitoring Risks

Sygno helps uncover transaction monitoring risks using automated modeling of good behaviour. Operating within the artificial intelligence, financial services, FinTech, fraud detection, machine learning, payments, security, and software industries, Sygno is shaping a safer financial future.

Nedscaper: Specializing in Managed Cloud Security

Nedscaper specializes in managed cloud security and consulting services. Led by founder Thomas Verwer, Nedscaper offers critical services in the era of cloud computing.

Pyctor: Institutional-Grade Custody for Digital Assets

Pyctor provides an institutional-grade custody solution for the burgeoning digital asset ecosystem, ensuring the safekeeping of digital assets in a rapidly evolving digital economy.

Think Security: Empowering Businesses with IT and Cyber Security

Think Security is an IT and cyber security company offering technical consulting services. Their expertise in consulting, cyber security, and training makes them a crucial player in maintaining digital safety.

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CFLW Cyber Strategies: Securing Digital Transformation

CFLW Cyber Strategies delivers solutions for maintaining security in the digital transformation and navigating the cyber-physical landscape. Their focus on cyber security, security, and web development ensures comprehensive protection in our digital world.

Cryptsus: Managing Security Threats

Cryptsus is a security consulting group providing services in securing systems and networks, authentication, and vulnerability management, helping businesses fortify their digital defenses.

FutureXL: Driving Operational Transformation

FutureXL is an IT firm designing, implementing, and accelerating operational transformation through emerging technologies. Co-founded by Fiona van Maanen, FutureXL is pioneering the integration of security in smart building and software sectors.

ValueIT: Comprehensive IT Services and Solutions

ValueIT is an IT company that offers an array of services including hardware, software, cloud, cyber security, and consultancy services, providing well-rounded IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

TLF Cyber: AI-Powered Cyber Solutions

TLF Cyber is a cyber solutions firm offering services for cybersecurity and products developed through artificial intelligence, showcasing the fusion of AI and security in mitigating cyber threats.

Vipsnet: Streamlining Digital Identity Management

Vipsnet offers an Authentication Cloud Service solution that streamlines control and management of identities & authentication on the digital platform, playing a key role in safeguarding digital identities.

MV-CloudService: Comprehensive Web Services

MV-CloudService provides web hosting, office automation, and voip services. Their focus on network security ensures that businesses can operate online with peace of mind.

Voodoo IT: Ensuring Cybersecurity and Network Security

Voodoo IT provides cybersecurity and network security services, defending businesses from a myriad of digital threats.

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Tweexs: Telecommunication and Security Solutions for SMEs

Tweexs is a telecommunication company that offers telecom and installation for SMEs, combining their expertise in telecommunications and network security to offer robust solutions.

ShieldFox: Software Security for Computing Devices

ShieldFox develops software products for the security of computing devices, protecting digital devices from threats and vulnerabilities.

These startups are not just shaping the security landscape of The Netherlands but also driving global advancements in cybersecurity, network security, and digital asset protection. Through their innovative technologies, they are working towards a future where businesses can operate securely and confidently in the digital world.

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