Unveiling the Future: Top 15 Machine Learning Startups in The Netherlands

From fashion personalisation to sports development, discover how Dutch startups are revolutionising industries with Machine Learning

PTTRNS.ai: A New Era in Personalised Shopping Experiences

PTTRNS.ai offers SaaS solutions for personalised fashion and eyewear shopping experiences through AI and style-driven personalisation intelligence. Founders Erik Van Breusegem and Marco Van Herpen are leveraging 3D technology, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine learning.

Sentinels: AI-Powered Transaction Monitoring

Sentinels, led by Joost van Houten, is an AI-powered transaction monitoring startup operating in the fields of artificial intelligence, financial services, FinTech, information technology, and machine learning.

Ludimos: Using AI to Elevate Cricket Player Development

Ludimos is maximising player development in cricket using artificial intelligence. Founders Madan Raj Rajagopal and Said Zadou are transforming the sports industry with their AI-driven techniques.

Deeploy: Making ML Deployments Accountable

Deeploy holds ML deployments accountable by giving explainable AI (XAI) a central place in ML operations (MLOps). The startup operates in the artificial intelligence, information technology, machine learning, and software industries.

AutoFill Technologies: Automating Vehicle Damage Detection

AutoFill Technologies uses computer vision and AI to capture data and detect damage to vehicles without the need for human interaction. Founders Daan de Cloe, Gideon Richheimer, and Luc Demarteau are leading this innovative venture in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Hypherdata: The B2B Data Marketplace for Life Science

Hypherdata is a B2B closed data marketplace for life science, providing health data and AI services. Co-founders Jana Miniarikova, Mehrzad Karami, and Sjoerd Geurts are changing the face of life science and health diagnostics using AI and machine learning.

CrawlQ.ai: Advanced AI-Powered Market Research and Content Writing

CrawlQ.ai uses AI to conduct advanced market research and content writing. Founders Harish Kumar and Vinita Singh are paving the way in the digital marketing industry using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

SurveyAuto: Using Machine Learning to Improve Surveys

SurveyAuto leverages machine learning on satellite imagery to accurately identify survey targets and monitor enumerators in real-time. Founder Umar Saif is reshaping the analytics and information technology industries using machine learning.

Sygno: Uncovering Transaction Monitoring Risks

Sygno aims to uncover transaction monitoring risks using automated modelling of good behaviour. The startup operates in the fields of artificial intelligence, compliance, financial services, FinTech, fraud detection, machine learning, payments, security, and software.

Scotty Technologies: AI Powered Conversational Business Process Automation

Scotty Technologies is a technology platform for AI-powered conversational business process automation. Co-founders Reiner Bruns and Roland Hallebeek are harnessing the power of machine learning to redefine customer service.

BranchKey: Federated Machine Learning Distribution and Communications

BranchKey offers a platform as a service solution for federated machine learning distribution and communications. Diarmuid Kelly is among the founders of this startup operating in the artificial intelligence, information technology, machine learning, and software sectors.

Recruitsos: Humanising Automation

Recruitsos is dedicated to making automation human. Founders Christiaan Haas, Fionna Faulk, and Marius V. Scrieciu are leveraging artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning in the fields of human resources, marketing automation, and more.

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Scailable: The AI Solution Management Platform

Scailable is an artificial intelligence solution management platform operating in the field of machine learning.

expoze.io: AI-Powered Eye-Tracking Platform

expoze.io provides an AI-powered eye-tracking platform that analyses images and videos with high accuracy. Co-founders Coen Olde Olthof and Martijn Bakker are using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to revolutionise advertising, marketing, product design, and more.

Clappform: The AI SaaS Company

Clappform is an AI SaaS company led by founders Diego Tolen and Tom Griffioen. It is operating in the fields of artificial intelligence, information technology, internet, machine learning, SaaS, and software.

These Dutch startups are not just rewriting the rules in their respective fields, but also defining the future of machine learning globally. With their innovative solutions, they showcase the transformative power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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