The Dutch FinTech Revolution: 15 Startups Leading the Charge

From AI-powered transaction monitoring to wealth building platforms, Dutch FinTech startups are redefining financial services.

Finom: Empowering Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and the Self-Employed

Finom is a financial solution platform for entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and freelancers. It was founded by Alena Valovaya, Andrew Petrov, and Andrey Varikov, and operates in the financial services and FinTech industry.

Sentinels: Transaction Monitoring Powered by AI

Sentinels, founded by Joost van Houten, is an AI-powered transaction monitoring startup. It operates in the intersection of artificial intelligence, financial services, FinTech, information technology, and machine learning.

Payaut: Connecting Marketplaces with PSP

Payaut offers the only payment solution for marketplaces that connects with any PSP. Ernst Van Niekerk is one of the founders of this startup that operates in financial services, FinTech, and payments.

Prosus: Investing in Long-Term Growth

Prosus, led by founder Bob van Dijk, is a consumer internet group and a technology investor. Prosus operates in the FinTech, information and communications technology (ICT), information technology, internet, and internet of things sectors.

Silverflow: Accelerating Technological Innovation

Silverflow, co-founded by Anne Willem De Vries, Paul Buying, and Robert Kraal, is a cloud-based processing platform. This platform offers an upgrade for payment providers to accelerate technological innovation.

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THX Network: Empowering Creators with Web3 Tokens

THX Network, created by Mieszko Czyzyk, Peter Polman, and Steffen Boode, enables creators and communities to create and embed web3 tokens in their platforms, thereby increasing engagement and growing their revenue.

Sygno: Ensuring Good Behavior in Transactions

Sygno provides an innovative solution to uncover transaction monitoring risks with automated modeling of good behavior. This startup operates in the fields of artificial intelligence, compliance, financial services, FinTech, fraud detection, machine learning, payments, security, and software.

iban-XS: Making Payment Platforms Accessible

iban-XS offers access to banks and identity providers by implementing PSD2, aiming to make the payment platform accessible for businesses.

Bondify: The Debt Origination Platform

Bondify is a debt origination platform that operates within the finance, financial services, FinTech, and lending industries.

One Click Crypto: Simplifying Web3 Trading

One Click Crypto creates user-friendly web3 trading and investment products using AI and machine learning.

LendXS: Digital Credit Services for Rural Financial Institutions

LendXS is a digital credit services platform which provides loan performance management tools for rural financial institutions.

GlobalCloudPayments (GCP): Making Cash Payments as Efficient as Cards

GlobalCloudPayments (GCP), co-founded by Eric Akse and Eric de Putter, believes its technology will positively impact the ATM industry by making cash payments as cost-efficient as card payments.

QuickSpend: Your Payments Technology Provider

QuickSpend is a payments technology provider operating in the FinTech and payments industry. The startup was founded by Suhas Ratanje.

Vive: Building Wealth and Pension Security

Vive, founded by Alexander Brouwer, is a pension and wealth building platform. It offers modern tools for businesses and individuals to grow their pension and wealth.

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ToPay: Accounting Solutions for Freelancers

ToPay is a fintech company offering full-service accounting solutions for freelancers, operating in the accounting, financial services, and FinTech sectors.

These Dutch startups represent the exciting future of the FinTech landscape, redefining how we transact, invest, and manage our finances. As they continue to innovate, they push the boundaries of what’s possible in financial services.

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