Innovating Solutions: Exploring Consulting Startups Driving Growth in Sweden

Unveiling the Dynamic Consulting Startup Landscape in Sweden, Pioneering Solutions for Business Success

Sweden is renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, and the consulting sector is no exception. In this article, we will showcase and explore 15 exciting consulting startups in Sweden that are reshaping industries and driving growth. From environmental consulting and management advisory to software testing and diversity growth, these startups offer a diverse range of services. Join us as we dive into the thriving consulting startup scene in Sweden and discover the innovative solutions they bring to the table.

Bower: Transforming Recycling with Gamified Mobile App

Bower is a mobile app that gamifies the deposit of packages and products at existing recycling stations. Founded by Berfin Mert and Suwar Mert, Bower combines environmental consciousness with gamification to encourage recycling and waste management.

Opigo: Electric Car Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Opigo designs and develops electric car charging stations, offering installation, monitoring, and a payment service mobile app. Opigo is contributing to the growth of the electric vehicle industry and promoting sustainable transportation options.

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ARC: Driving Digital Growth through Consulting

ARC is a consulting group that specializes in transforming businesses and brands to drive digital growth. With expertise in advertising, management consulting, and marketing, ARC helps companies navigate the digital landscape and achieve their growth objectives.

ARC Arise Consultants Group: Empowering Businesses with Digital Transformation

ARC Arise Consultants Group focuses on helping companies create digital growth that transforms businesses and brands. Their management consulting services provide valuable insights and strategies for companies seeking digital transformation.

ADECT: Solutions-driven Management Consulting

Adect is a management consulting company that provides tailored solutions to address business issues. Their expertise in business development and professional services helps businesses overcome challenges and drive growth.

Predli: Data-driven Business Models and Strategy Advisory

Predli is a decentralized firm that offers advice on strategy, implementation, and data-driven business models. With a focus on business development and management consulting, Predli helps companies harness the power of data to fuel growth.

RegSmart Life Science: Regulatory Consultancy in Pharma and Medical Devices

RegSmart Life Science is a regulatory consultancy company specializing in the pharma and medical device industries. Their expertise in regulatory compliance helps companies navigate complex regulatory frameworks and ensure compliance.

Arboair: Environmental Benefits through Precision Forestry

Arboair connects deep learning-based image analysis and autonomous drones to create environmental benefits for precision forestry. Their innovative approach combines environmental consulting, forestry, and software solutions.

Xplorafory: Software Testing and Learning

Xplorafory is a software testing and learning firm. Their expertise in consulting and training helps businesses ensure the quality and reliability of their software solutions through comprehensive testing methodologies.

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Recuro: Strategic Growth Management and Marketing Services

Recuro provides a range of services including strategy, growth management, project management, email marketing, and SEO services. Their consulting expertise supports businesses in their growth journey and marketing initiatives.

The Social Few: Empowering Diversity and Inclusion

The Social Few is a diversity growth agency that helps businesses foster diversity and inclusion in their operations. Through business development and management consulting, they enable companies to build inclusive environments and drive success.

Tango: Advisory Services for Real Estate and Capital Markets

Tango is an advisory firm specializing in real estate and capital markets. With their consulting expertise, Tango assists businesses in making informed decisions related to real estate investments and capital market strategies.

Delight AB: Expert Accounting and Financial Services

Delight AB is an accounting specialist offering services such as current accounts, financial statements, tax returns, and payroll management. Their expertise in accounting and financial services supports businesses in managing their finances effectively.

Ionic Consulting: IT Consulting for Cloud Adoption

Ionic Consulting is an IT consulting firm providing services for all stages of cloud adoption. Their expertise in information services and management consulting helps businesses navigate the complexities of cloud computing and leverage its benefits.

Springville: Smart and Cost-effective IT Solutions

Springville is an IT services and IT consulting firm that innovates smart and cost-effective IT solutions. Their expertise in consulting and information technology supports businesses in optimizing their IT infrastructure and operations.


The consulting startup scene in Sweden is vibrant and diverse, with startups offering innovative solutions to drive business success. From environmental consulting and regulatory compliance to diversity growth and IT services, these startups are at the forefront of shaping industries and propelling growth. As Sweden continues to foster an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, these consulting startups play a crucial role in supporting businesses and driving economic development. Keep an eye on these dynamic consulting startups as they continue to make their mark on the Swedish business landscape and beyond.

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