Startup Showcase: Qooiver, The Interest-Based Social Network

Building Digital Communities Around Shared Passions

Welcome to this edition of our startup showcase, where we’re excited to present Qooiver, a Romanian startup that’s redefining the social media landscape with an interest-based approach. Located in Balotesti, Ilfov, Romania, Qooiver is a social network where relevance is paramount, and users interact based on common interests.

Unleashing Passion Through Tags

At the heart of Qooiver’s innovation are two powerful tags, ” / ” and “#”. The former is used to represent a user’s passion, and it fosters the creation of communities around shared interests. The latter, a more familiar symbol to the digital world, brings additional relevance to the user’s passion by narrowing down the exact aspects of their interest.

This dynamic tagging system enables Qooiver to craft a unique social media experience. It facilitates collaboration between like-minded users, thus encouraging personal growth and community development.

A New Approach to Social Networking

Moving away from the traditional ‘friendship’ paradigm, Qooiver promotes a less restrictive approach to social networking. Users are free to follow whoever they see as a role model in their communities, without the constraints of reciprocal relationships. This freedom not only enriches the content feed of users but also fosters a more genuine environment for them to express and develop their interests.

On Qooiver, users can share photos and videos relevant to their interests, drive interaction by posting, use the chat to exchange ideas, and follow top posters to curate their content feed. The platform is essentially a hub for growth, interaction, and discovery within the realm of shared interests.

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Joining and Creating Communities

Qooiver empowers users to join or create communities based on shared passions right from the start. The ” / ” and “#” tags provide a powerful search and filtering tool, making it easy for users to find relevant content or discover new passions.

By prioritizing relevance and shared interests over traditional social networking constraints, Qooiver ensures a noise-free, meaningful user experience. It’s a haven for users seeking a social media platform that truly values their interests and passions.

Towards a More Relevant Social Network

Qooiver is an exemplary embodiment of how social networks are evolving to become more relevant and less noisy. By putting the users’ interests and passions at the core of its platform, Qooiver is not only striving towards relevance but also building a community of like-minded individuals who grow and develop together.


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