Startup Showcase: LIVDEO, Crafting Accessible Digital Cultural Experiences

Breaking Boundaries in Culture and Tourism with Inclusive Technology

In this startup showcase, we spotlight LIVDEO, a startup leveraging technology to transform cultural and tourism experiences. Located in Besançon, France, LIVDEO is providing cultural institutions and the tourism industry with innovative, inclusive, and accessible digital solutions.

Revolutionizing Storytelling with GEED

At the heart of LIVDEO’s innovation is their award-winning platform, GEED. This remarkable tool allows for the management and distribution of storytelling scenarios straight to visitors’ mobile devices, without constraints and with universal accessibility in mind. From open data management to artwork recognition, GEED facilitates universally accessible storytelling strategies to create novel mediation tools available on visitors’ smartphones.

Beyond just data management, GEED is packed with forward-thinking features like AI object recognition, augmented multilingual audio description, and audio storytelling for video screens. These unique capabilities allow cultural institutions to provide immersive, accessible experiences to a broader audience.

Inclusive Screen Experiences with DEEALOG

DEEALOG, another solution from LIVDEO’s innovative portfolio, takes the concept of inclusive experiences further. This cloud-based solution manages and plays videos on “inclusive” screens, allowing nearby audiences to listen to the audio tracks on their smartphones in their own languages.

Additionally, it offers lip-sync, sign language, audio description, and synchronized captioning, significantly enhancing the inclusivity of the viewing experience. DEEALOG’s capabilities align perfectly with LIVDEO’s mission to make cultural experiences more accessible to everyone.

The Future with FeelTheArt

FeelTheArt, LIVDEO’s upcoming mobile app, promises to take inclusivity in the art world to unprecedented levels. The app is an inclusive art exploration and monetization platform emphasizing persistent and shareable augmented exhibitions. It aims to provide access to hundreds of museums and millions of artworks with multilingual and accessible information layers.

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FeelTheArt will let audiences experience art exhibitions beyond museum walls through augmented reality, thereby democratizing access to cultural experiences and breaking down geographical barriers.

The Power of Inclusive Technology

In essence, LIVDEO is more than just a tech startup. It is a pioneer in leveraging technology to democratize access to cultural experiences, both in terms of physical accessibility and language inclusivity. With its unique blend of storytelling and accessibility features, LIVDEO is shaping the future of cultural and tourism experiences.


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