Startup Showcase: GreenVulcano, Powering Integration for Smart Enterprises

Revolutionizing Enterprise Markets with IoT and Integration Solutions

This installment of our Startup Showcase presents a brilliant beacon of innovation hailing from Rome, Italy. GreenVulcano Technologies, an exceptional software company with two decades of expertise in integration, is showing the world that “Made in Italy” extends beyond fashion and automobiles.

A Deep Well of Integration Expertise

Born out of a passion for innovation and armed with over 20 years of experience, GreenVulcano Technologies has cemented its position as a leader in enterprise integration. Specializing in strategic IT advisory, tailored software development, and integration services, the company has harnessed the newest technologies to simplify and improve communication between new and legacy systems.

One of GreenVulcano’s significant strengths lies in their ability to deliver Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, execute cloudification, and steer digital transformation. These capabilities allow them to serve as a reliable partner for businesses ready to make the leap into the digital age.

Delivering Innovative Products for Enterprise Verticals

GreenVulcano is committed to its mission of creating a powerful impact in enterprise markets with innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and integration products. A notable example of their innovative prowess is Sensoworks – a ready-to-use cloud service for the remote management and IoT monitoring of complex infrastructure systems.

In addition to Sensoworks, GreenVulcano also offers Automyo, an RPA tool that can be installed on a cloud or server. Automyo is designed to integrate all kinds of software and applications, automating repetitive tasks without requiring coding knowledge. It represents the democratization of automation, putting the power of efficiency in the hands of every user.

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Open Source Integration with GAIA

Among GreenVulcano’s ground-breaking solutions is GAIA, an open-source integration platform with more than a decade of international enterprise deployment. With GAIA, GreenVulcano is pushing the boundaries of integration solutions, offering an open and adaptable platform that can keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Charting the Path to Enterprise Innovation

GreenVulcano Technologies represents the convergence of experience, expertise, and innovation. By focusing on open innovation and leveraging their integration proficiency, the company is not just delivering solutions; they’re revolutionizing enterprise markets. In a world where successful communication between systems can make or break a business, GreenVulcano stands as a dependable ally for smart companies ready to take the next step towards integration and digital transformation.


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