Startup Showcase: Kolibri Games – Redefining Mobile Gaming with Player-Centric Experiences

Creating Joy and Reaching Millions of Players Worldwide

Welcome to, your source for the most exciting startups across the European Union. In this edition, we present Kolibri Games, a mobile games studio based in Berlin, Germany. Kolibri Games aspires to be the most player-oriented games company in the world, and their dedication to providing joy to millions of players has already garnered global recognition.

A Dream that Became Reality

From a Student Flat to Global Success: Kolibri Games was born from a dream in a student flat in Karlsruhe just three years ago. Today, it has evolved into a thriving company with more than 100 passionate individuals based in the creative heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. Their journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and they have achieved over 100 million downloads for their two mobile games, ‘Idle Miner Tycoon’ and ‘Idle Factory Tycoon.’

Player-Centric Vision: Kolibri Games’ driving force is their unwavering vision to become the most player-centric games developer in the world. Every decision they make, every game they create, is crafted with players at the forefront of their minds. This relentless focus on providing the best experience for players has earned them a loyal and ever-growing global fanbase.

Passion, Diversity, and Fun

A Diverse Team of Passionate Individuals: At Kolibri Games, a diverse team of talented individuals with varying skills and cultural backgrounds comes together. Their shared dedication to their products and community unites them in their mission to bring joy to millions of players worldwide. This diversity fuels creativity and innovation, making Kolibri Games a breeding ground for exciting ideas.

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Getting Things Done with Speed and Elegance: Kolibri Games is an organization that prides itself on swift execution and elegant solutions. Their agile approach to development ensures that ideas come to life quickly, allowing them to deliver polished games that captivate players. The team’s passion for their work drives them to achieve excellence in every aspect of game development.

An Exciting Job in the Heart of Berlin

Join a Culture of Appreciation: Working at Kolibri Games means being part of a culture that values and appreciates its team members. They foster an environment where every individual’s contributions are recognized and celebrated. This culture of appreciation not only motivates their team but also helps them attract top talent from all over the world.

Opportunities for Personal Growth: Kolibri Games offers an exciting job with ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. As part of their dynamic team in Berlin, you’ll have the chance to enhance your skills and make a significant impact on their games. Their commitment to empowering their employees ensures that you can take on responsibility and develop yourself further in your career.


Kolibri Games is setting a new standard for mobile gaming with its player-centric approach and innovative game development. From a simple dream to reaching millions of players globally, their journey reflects the power of passion, creativity, and dedication. As they continue to grow and delight players worldwide, they invite talented individuals to join their dynamic team and be part of their vision for a player-first gaming experience.

For more information about Kolibri Games and their immersive mobile games, please visit their website and social media channels:

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Website: Kolibri Games

Twitter: Kolibri Games on Twitter

Facebook: Kolibri Games on Facebook

LinkedIn: Kolibri Games on LinkedIn

YouTube Video: Discover Kolibri Games

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