Startup Showcase: JOBMATCH.ME – Revolutionizing Job Applications for Skilled Workers

A Job Platform Redefining Hiring Efficiency for Employers and Applicants

Welcome to, your go-to source for innovative startups in the European Union. In this edition, we present JOBMATCH.ME, a disruptive job platform based in Hamburg, Germany. JOBMATCH.ME is transforming the hiring process for skilled workers by eliminating traditional CVs and application letters, making it easier for applicants to find their dream jobs while saving time and resources for employers.

The Future of Job Applications

A Time-Saving Innovation: JOBMATCH.ME is on a mission to revolutionize the way skilled workers apply for jobs. By removing the need for traditional CVs and application letters, they have streamlined the application process, saving applicants up to 90% of the time usually spent on job applications. This time-saving innovation is a game-changer for both job seekers and employers.

Advanced Matching Algorithm: JOBMATCH.ME employs a sophisticated algorithm that matches skilled workers with the most relevant employers based on their qualifications, preferences, personality, and corporate culture. This advanced matching system ensures that applicants are connected with employers that best align with their skills and career goals, leading to more meaningful and successful job placements.

Simplifying Job Applications with a Single Click

One-Click Applications: Applying for jobs has never been easier thanks to JOBMATCH.ME’s innovative one-click application process. Skilled workers can now apply to multiple job opportunities with just one click. Employers directly receive the applicant’s profile in their JOBMATCH.ME ATS (Applicant Tracking System), streamlining the entire hiring process and allowing employers to find the perfect match quickly.

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Efficiency and Cost Savings for Businesses: JOBMATCH.ME’s business model ensures that skilled workers can use the platform for free, while business customers pay a fee per application. This cost-effective approach benefits businesses by reducing the time and resources spent on traditional hiring processes. With JOBMATCH.ME, employers can access a pool of qualified candidates while cutting down on administrative expenses.

Targeting High-Potential Markets

Focused Verticals: JOBMATCH.ME has strategically chosen its initial verticals to target high-potential markets. By focusing on Logistics (including Truck Drivers), Care, and Social and Education sectors, they tap into sub-markets with a combined market size of B€ 1.7. This deliberate approach positions JOBMATCH.ME for rapid growth and expansion in these promising industries.

Impressive Growth Trajectory: JOBMATCH.ME’s dedication to innovation and efficiency is reflected in its impressive growth rates. With 58% month-on-month growth in their Job Offer Inventory, the platform is gaining traction and attracting a growing number of skilled workers and businesses alike.


JOBMATCH.ME is redefining job applications for skilled workers with its disruptive platform that eliminates the need for traditional CVs and application letters. By leveraging advanced technology and an innovative matching algorithm, JOBMATCH.ME connects skilled workers with the most relevant employers, making the hiring process more efficient and effective for all parties involved. As they continue to expand their offerings and target high-potential markets, JOBMATCH.ME is poised to be a game-changer in the job search and recruitment landscape.

For more information about JOBMATCH.ME and their revolutionary job platform, please visit their website and social media channels:


Twitter: JOBMATCH.ME on Twitter

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Facebook: JOBMATCH.ME on Facebook

LinkedIn: JOBMATCH.ME on LinkedIn

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