Startup Showcase: Big Easy Self Storage – Your Convenient Storage Solution

Rent Affordable and Flexible Storage Units in Western and Southern Stockholm

Welcome to, your gateway to discovering innovative startups in the European Union. In this feature, we present Big Easy Self Storage, a Swedish startup offering a hassle-free storage solution for individuals and businesses in western and southern Stockholm. With their convenient and accessible storage facilities, Big Easy Self Storage aims to meet the growing need for additional storage space in the city.

Addressing the Growing Need for Storage Space

Recognizing a Demand: Big Easy Self Storage was born out of the recognition of a growing need for additional storage space in Stockholm. With an overheated housing market and increasing demand for storage facilities, the startup saw an opportunity to provide affordable and easily accessible storage units for individuals and businesses alike.

Convenient Locations: Big Easy Self Storage has strategically set up their storage facilities in Västerort and Söderort, making it convenient for customers in western and southern Stockholm to access their storage units. Their warehouse hotel is located at Fagerstagatan 29 in Lunda Industriområde, Spånga, and at Varuvägen 15 in Älvsjö.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Flexibility for Small Business Entrepreneurs: Understanding the needs of small business entrepreneurs, Big Easy Self Storage offers flexible storage solutions without a binding time. This allows small business owners to quickly switch between different storage sizes as their needs change, providing them with the convenience and flexibility they require.

Expert Assistance and Security: With experienced staff who are knowledgeable in both moving and warehousing, Big Easy Self Storage offers expert assistance to customers. They provide valuable tips for packing and help customers assess the ideal storage size they need. Additionally, the storage facilities are equipped with video surveillance and alarm systems, ensuring the safety and security of the stored items.

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Affordable and Reliable Storage Solutions

Affordable Living Spaces: Big Easy Self Storage aims to offer an alternative to living bigger than necessary in an overheated housing market. With their cost-effective storage units, individuals can store items that are not regularly used, such as winter clothes and seasonal sports equipment, without the need for larger living spaces.

24/7 Access and Convenience: Customer convenience is a top priority for Big Easy Self Storage. They offer personal access trays to their storage units, allowing customers to access their belongings every day from 05:30 to 23:00. This flexibility ensures that customers can retrieve their items whenever they need them, providing a seamless storage experience.


Big Easy Self Storage is redefining the storage industry in Stockholm with its customer-centric approach and convenient storage facilities. By addressing the growing need for additional storage space, the startup offers affordable and flexible storage solutions for individuals and businesses in the city. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and security, Big Easy Self Storage is poised for continued success and growth in the competitive storage market.

For more information about Big Easy Self Storage and their convenient storage solutions, please visit their website and social media channels:

Website: Big Easy Self Storage

Facebook: Big Easy on Facebook

LinkedIn: Big Easy on LinkedIn

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