Financial Renaissance in Lombardia: The 15 Emerging Startups Revitalizing the Finance Sector

Discover the rising stars of Lombardia's financial services startup scene, deploying innovative technology to transform how we manage money.

1. Scalapay

Scalapay, co-founded by Johnny Mitrevski and Simone Mancini, is revolutionizing payments with a solution that enables customers to buy now and pay in three interest-free installments.

2. Qodeup

Qodeup stands at the intersection of finance and food service, offering a robust digital payment platform tailored specifically for restaurants.

3. RE-Lender

RE-Lender’s unique platform is dedicated to crowdfunding impact lending for real estate, industrial, ecological, and technological conversions.

4. BlockInvest

BlockInvest, spearheaded by Alfredo Cesare Malgrati, Davide Baldi, and Fabio Pacchioni, is a blockchain platform helping financial institutes digitalize asset issuance and sale.

5. Fleap

Fleap offers a web-based application for businesses seeking to leverage digital transformation, financial instruments, and blockchain solutions to maximize growth and efficiency.


AMCO provides expert consultation services and solutions for financial asset management, showcasing the importance of strategy and insight in maximizing asset potential.

7. Equita Capital

Equita Capital is a seasoned player in the financial landscape, offering comprehensive asset management services to clients.


AATECH specializes in the design and development of innovative platforms and algorithms for banks and financial institutions, highlighting the role of tech in modern finance.

9. Hercle Financial

Hercle Financial provides end-to-end prime-brokerage solutions and trading algorithms to institutional investors, leveraging low-latency technology to facilitate efficient transactions.

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10. WindeX Investment Club

WindeX is an investment and private equity firm supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, driving growth and opportunity in the Lombardia region.

11. Morning Capital

Morning Capital provides essential real estate finance services, illustrating the diversification of financial service offerings in the region.

12. UpsideTown

UpsideTown is an independent fintech firm specializing in real estate investment and transaction services, leading the digital transformation of real estate investing.

13. Axis

Axis offers advisory services to asset management and distressed loan services, highlighting the importance of expert guidance in complex financial scenarios.

14. Switcho

Switcho, co-founded by Francesco Laffi, Marco Tricarico, and Redi Vyshka, is a software company that helps users manage expenses through tailored deals, merging tech and finance to promote financial well-being.

15. Brin Company

Brin Company, led by Flavio Giammello, offers innovative fuel cash flow solutions for the accreditation of petroleum payments, highlighting the intersection of finance with energy sectors.

The financial services startups in Lombardia are propelling Italy to the forefront of fintech innovation. As they continue to redefine how businesses and consumers interact with financial services, the future of finance in Lombardia looks brighter than ever.

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