Catalyzing Catalonia: 15 Pioneering Healthcare Startups Revolutionizing Patient Care

Exploring the emerging startups in Catalonia's vibrant healthcare sector, integrating technology and medicine.

1. Impress

Impress, founded by Diliara Lupenko, Khaled Kasem, and Vladimir Lupenko, develops innovative orthodontic technology, offering invisible aligners to redefine dental care.

2. Emjoy

Emjoy, a FemTech startup led by Andrea Oliver and Daniel Tamas, empowers women to find sexual happiness and fulfillment through guided audios, highlighting the importance of holistic wellness.

3. Ona Therapeutics

Ona Therapeutics, co-founded by Salvador Aznar Benitah, Thomas Hafner, and Valerie Vanhooren, is dedicated to discovering and developing therapeutic biologics for metastatic cancer, showcasing the potential of biotechnology in cancer treatment.

4. Nina Capital

Nina Capital, under Marta-Gaia Zanchi’s leadership, invests in health tech companies with global ambitions, highlighting the critical role of venture capital in healthcare innovation.

5. MiWendo

MiWendo, founded by Glòria Fernàndez, Ignasi Belda, and Marta Guardiola, integrates microwave technology with colonoscopy to enhance diagnosis and prevention, showcasing the integration of advanced technology in medical devices.

6. Sycai Technologies

Sycai Technologies leverages artificial intelligence to empower healthcare services, demonstrating the increasing role of AI in healthcare solutions.

7. Connecta Therapeutics

Connecta Therapeutics, led by Jordi Fabrega and Josep Prous, develops treatments for unresolved medical needs of the central nervous system, emphasizing the need for constant innovation in neuroscience.

8. BHV Partners

BHV Partners, co-founded by Albert G. Zamora, Joan Bigorra, and Joaquim Trias, is the first venture builder specializing in health in Southern Europe, aiding other startups in their journey to revolutionize healthcare.

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9. Predictheon

Predictheon, led by Pedro Gambus, develops software for healthcare professionals, highlighting the importance of digital tools in healthcare.

10. Aimentia HealthTech

Aimentia HealthTech, founded by Edgar Jorba, Emilio Tomas, and Eric Mourin, is an AI platform designed to assist professionals and patients in the new era of mental health.

11. Sana Digital

Sana Digital, led by Roberto Luis Gallardo, is a mobile application democratizing medicine and making it accessible to all, pointing towards the increasing importance of mobile health applications.

12. Clinicgram

Clinicgram is a digital health modular platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize clinical image management, particularly for wound care.

13. El CoCo

El CoCo, co-founded by Bertrand Amaraggi and Jean-Baptiste Boubault, is an app that provides real nutritional value information about food, demonstrating the intersection of healthcare and nutrition.

14. Crush CBD

Crush CBD is an online shop offering cannabidiol products for healthcare and medicated use, signifying the emerging role of CBD in healthcare.

15. Additio Investment Group

Additio Investment Group, led by Lourens Verweij, supports entrepreneurs building businesses in Healthcare and Life Sciences, fueling the growth of these sectors.

From FemTech to Biotechnology, the healthcare startups in Catalonia are a testament to the region’s innovation and dedication to improving patient care. As technology and healthcare continue to merge, these startups are positioned at the forefront of this exciting evolution.

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