Financing the Future: 15 Innovative Financial Services Startups in Noord-Holland

Exploring the rapidly evolving FinTech landscape of The Netherlands' vibrant economic hub.

1. Finom

Founded by Alena Valovaya, Andrew Petrov, and Andrey Varikov, Finom offers financial solutions specifically designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and the self-employed, catering to the unique needs of this demographic.

2. Sentinels

Led by Joost van Houten, Sentinels is an AI-powered transaction monitoring startup that leverages advanced machine learning to ensure the security of financial transactions, highlighting the increasing role of AI in FinTech.

3. Payaut

Payaut, founded by Ernst Van Niekerk, is the innovative payment solution for marketplaces that seamlessly connects with any Payment Service Provider (PSP). Its versatility and adaptability set it apart in the payments sector.

4. Fraudio

João Moura and Nathan Trousdell’s Fraudio provides robust solutions for payment fraud detection, merchant risk monitoring, and money laundering detection services, delivering multi-dimensional security for financial transactions.

5. Silverflow

Co-founded by Anne Willem De Vries, Paul Buying, and Robert Kraal, Silverflow is a cloud-based processing platform that empowers payment providers with advanced tools to accelerate technological innovation.

6. Geldmaat

Geldmaat is a financial services firm that delivers a wide range of financial solutions, reinforcing the foundational aspects of the industry.

7. LendXS

LendXS is a digital credit services platform offering loan performance management tools for rural financial institutions, highlighting the need for financial inclusivity even in rural areas.

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8. Aureus

Founded by Stefan Roosendaal, Aureus offers asset management and advisory services along with a suite of fund solutions. Their services are dedicated to empowering individuals to manage their wealth efficiently.

9. Black Swan Capital

Black Swan Capital is an investment advisory firm delivering a suite of financial planning and advisory services, bringing professional expertise to personal finance.

10. Fintechamps

Fintechamps provides a diverse range of services, including business development, payment strategy, and financial services, reinforcing the importance of strategic planning in financial operations.

11. Climate Risk Services

Founded by Gerhard Mulder and Stephanie Gnissios, Climate Risk Services specializes in advising on financial climate risks and opportunities, an increasingly crucial area as businesses seek to align their strategies with environmental sustainability.

12. Capitalize2day

Capitalize2day is a financial consulting firm that offers advisory services on financing, mergers, acquisitions, and commercial strategies, providing critical insights to businesses in a changing financial landscape.

13. Nestr Smart Finance

Nestr focuses on providing real estate financing for rented homes, showcasing the importance of flexible financing solutions in the property market.

14. Finabling

Under the guidance of Gregory Cronie, Finabling offers bookkeeping and payment management services to e-commerce, subscription, and digital businesses, helping these fast-paced industries keep their finances in order.

15. De BelastingBespaarders

De BelastingBespaarders is a financial management agency that offers tax services to both individuals and businesses, illustrating the critical role of effective tax management in financial health.

Noord-Holland’s FinTech scene is an exciting amalgamation of innovation and financial expertise, ranging from payment solutions to risk management. These startups are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of finance in a digital world. Keep an eye on these dynamic players as they continue to transform the region’s financial services landscape.

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