Securing the Future: 15 Pioneering Cybersecurity Startups in Ile-de-France

Exploring the innovative cybersecurity startups that are safeguarding the digital realm in France's vibrant tech hub.

Nano Corp

Co-founded by Fanch Francis, Nano Corp offers robust security solutions for hybrid networks. They provide monitoring services that help companies secure their digital communications and data transfers.

CryptoNext Security

Founded by Jean-Charles Faugere and Ludovic Perret, CryptoNext Security offers cutting-edge cryptographic standards designed to protect IT infrastructures against potential threats from quantum computers.


A brainchild of Cryptography PhDs Thomas Baignères and Matthieu Finiasz, and Jacques-André Bondy and Cédric Sylvestre, Olvid is an instant messenger with an emphasis on communication security. It guarantees complete privacy for its users, marking a significant milestone in secure communication tools.


Hifield offers specialized IT services with a focus on cybersecurity, cloud, and infrastructure consulting. Their expertise makes them an essential partner for businesses in a digitally dependent world.


Qontrol is a key player in the cybersecurity space, providing risk management and network security services. They excel in creating tailored strategies to safeguard digital infrastructures.


Under the leadership of founder Nabil Bouzerna, Arkangel brings next-generation security and threat intelligence solutions. Combining artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, Arkangel is pushing the boundaries of digital protection.


StedY concentrates on the digital transformation journey, offering outsourced IT, consulting, AI, IoT, big data, and cybersecurity services. They help businesses navigate the complex digital landscape while ensuring their data remains secure.

Adaptiv Systems

With a focus on human-centered design, Adaptiv Systems offers software solutions powered by artificial intelligence and backed by stringent cybersecurity protocols. They represent the merging of user-friendly design with advanced security measures.

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Five9s is an IT consultancy that specializes in cloud and cybersecurity services. They guide businesses through the process of setting up secure cloud infrastructure and developing robust cybersecurity defenses.


ITAIA is an IT services company that provides cybersecurity, maintenance, cloud computing, and technical assistance. Their comprehensive services make them an all-in-one IT solution provider with a strong emphasis on security.

LecPac Consulting

LecPac Consulting offers strategic advice in cybersecurity and cloud infrastructure. As an advanced partner with multiple cloud service providers, they ensure that businesses can safely migrate and operate in the cloud.


Co-founded by Jonathan Brossard, Moabi specializes in information security, IoT security, and reverse engineering. Their expertise in securing connected devices makes them a valuable player in the era of IoT.

Nucleon Security

Nucleon Security provides enhanced cybersecurity solutions for understaffed teams. Their Endpoint Detection and Response platform identifies, investigates, and remedies cyberattacks, offering peace of mind for businesses lacking in-house security expertise.


Led by founder Michael Cohen, Foracto offers consulting services for private equity, combining sectors like business travel, cybersecurity, finance, and retail technology. Their unique mix of services makes them an interesting player in the digital security landscape.


Founded by Aurélien Cluzeau and Julien Mardas, Buster.Ai is a SaaS company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure cybersecurity. Their software helps protect against digital threats, proving that AI can be a powerful tool for cybersecurity.


Ile-de-France’s cybersecurity startup scene is teeming with innovative solutions, from network security to encrypted messaging. These startups are crucial in a world increasingly reliant on digital infrastructures, ensuring the safety of private data and critical IT systems. Stay tuned for more on their continued impact on the region’s tech scene.

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Keep exploring EU Startups  Is This German Startup Redefining Cloud Data Services and Enterprise Applications?
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