15 Software Startups in Tallinn and Harjumaa, Estonia You Need to Know About

Discover the Top Software Startups in Estonia's Capital Region Revolutionizing Industries from Blockchain to Education

Estonia, known for its thriving startup ecosystem, has become a hub for innovative and cutting-edge software startups. The capital city of Tallinn, along with the surrounding Harjumaa region, is home to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 exciting software startups that are making waves in a variety of industries.

QANplatform: Quantum-resistant Hybrid Blockchain Platform

QANplatform is a hybrid blockchain platform that enables users to build software applications like DApps or Defi and run business processes on blockchain in just five minutes. The platform is quantum-resistant and boasts advanced cybersecurity features, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to build secure and efficient blockchain-based systems.

DUCKT: Micromobility Infrastructure Solution

DUCKT is a micromobility infrastructure solution that provides docking, locking, and charging for better operations and a better experience for both people and the city. The startup’s innovative solution is helping to promote sustainable urban transportation and reduce the carbon footprint of cities.

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BotGuard: Bot Protection Service

BotGuard provides a service to protect your website against malicious bots, crawlers, scrapers, and hacker attacks. With the rise of online threats, BotGuard’s solution is crucial for businesses looking to secure their websites and protect their sensitive data.

VITS: Health and Safety Management Platform

VITS is a web platform that enables appointed health and safety specialists to effortlessly manage health and safety activities. The startup’s solution is particularly useful for businesses looking to comply with complex health and safety regulations and manage risk more effectively.

Botgate AI: Conversational Marketing & Sales Platform with AI

Botgate AI is a conversational marketing and sales platform that leverages AI to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions. The startup’s solution is ideal for businesses looking to automate their marketing and sales processes and deliver personalized experiences to their customers.

Getpin: All-in-One Solution for Customer Experience Automation

Getpin helps multi-location businesses increase sales with an all-in-one solution for customer experience automation. The startup’s platform enables businesses to manage their customer interactions more effectively, boost customer engagement, and drive revenue growth.

DataCalculus: Automated Data Analysis and Machine Learning Software

DataCalculus is the most automated software for advanced data analysis and machine learning, democratizing data science globally. The startup’s solution is ideal for businesses looking to extract insights from their data and make data-driven decisions more effectively.

Kelp.Digital: Art Licensing and Royalties Platform

Kelp.Digital is an art licensing and royalties platform that enables artists to license their artwork on their own terms. The startup’s platform is revolutionizing the art industry by empowering artists to take control of their own intellectual property.

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OnBench: Worldwide Team Search Platform

OnBench is a worldwide team search platform that connects outsourcing teams, companies, and developers with new customers. The startup’s platform is helping businesses find the right talent more efficiently and cost-effectively, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to scale their operations.

Factology.Systems: Fake News Detection Tool

Factology.Systems is a developer of a tool that identifies fake news and presents clear facts. The startup’s solution is crucial in today’s world, where the proliferation of misinformation can have serious consequences for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.

Decryptum: Password Recovery Solutions

Decryptum provides solutions for password recovery, helping businesses and individuals regain access to their accounts when they’ve forgotten their passwords. The startup’s solution is essential for businesses looking to protect their sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.

SpaceBus: Offshore Development Agency

SpaceBus is an offshore development agency that specializes in building remote developing teams. The startup’s platform enables businesses to access top talent from around the world, reducing the cost and complexity of building and managing development teams.

C-Yber: Cybersecurity and Software Solutions Consultancy

C-Yber is a consultancy that provides cybersecurity and software solutions to companies. The startup’s solution is essential for businesses looking to protect their sensitive data and intellectual property, especially in today’s world where cyber threats are on the rise.

Nutiparkla: Real-time Data for Parking-spot Availability and Analytics Solutions

Nutiparkla is a software that provides real-time data for parking-spot availability and analytics solutions. The startup’s platform is helping businesses and individuals find available parking spots more efficiently, reducing traffic congestion and improving the overall driving experience.

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Bewezit: Mobile Communication Solution for Organizations

Bewezit is the solution for mobile communication in schools, clubs, associations, institutions, and all kinds of organizations. The startup’s platform enables organizations to communicate more effectively with their members, boosting engagement and improving the overall experience.


These 15 software startups are just a sample of the exciting and innovative companies that are emerging in Tallinn and Harjumaa, Estonia. From blockchain to education, these startups are revolutionizing a variety of industries and helping to drive Estonia’s reputation as a hotbed for tech innovation. Whether you’re a business owner, investor, or tech enthusiast, these startups are worth keeping an eye on as they continue to make waves in the tech world.

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