The New Retail Revolution in Lombardia: 15 Startups Defining the Future of Shopping

Immerse yourself in Lombardia's buzzing retail startup scene, where technology meets traditional shopping to foster an innovative retail landscape.

1. Mirta

Mirta, co-founded by Ciro Di Lanno and Martina Capriotti, is a B2B platform revolutionizing the high-end wholesale market with its combined marketplace and order management software.

2. Wahu S.r.l.

Wahu, founded by Patrizia Casali, introduces innovation in shoe manufacturing with its first-ever active sole capable of adapting its morphology to changes.

3. TooA

TooA sweetens the retail scene by providing homemade ice cream machines, bringing gourmet delights into every household.


SOLE STUDIO appeals to the fashion-forward consumer with its unique offering of online jewelry, amulets, and armor sales.

5. Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty caters to the health-conscious customer with its range of natural cosmetic products, promoting beauty that respects both the body and the environment.


Founded by Laura Cortinovis, FEETNESS is a manufacturing company specializing in the design and development of technical sporting socks for all types of sports.

7. Feeling Felt

Feeling Felt is a sustainable fashion and design shop, making a statement in the fashion industry with their backpacks, bags, and sashiko collections.

8. On2Off

On2Off, an Ad-Tech company, demonstrates the vital role of digital advertising in the retail industry, boosting visibility and engagement for retail businesses.

9. Art Dealer

Art Dealer is a women’s retail apparel and fashion platform, showcasing the influence of fashion in the online retail space.

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10. Shh milano

Shh milano is a fashion brand specializing in natural cotton fabrics, infusing the retail landscape with a fresh burst of color and pattern.

11. Thinking Woman

Thinking Woman sells cosmetic products, further enriching Lombardia’s growing beauty retail scene.

12. Shopping Angels

Shopping Angels, founded by Caterina Voltan, brings a unique twist to the retail market with its platform of virtual shoppers serving both consumers and retailers.


EUPRAXIA CARE offers a comprehensive range of cosmetics, personal care, and beauty products, catering to the ever-growing demand for self-care products.

14. Club dei Toys

Club dei Toys is a one-stop online store for toys, offering puzzles, blocks, music toys, wooden sets, and kitchen set toys, redefining the shopping experience for children’s items.

15. PG

PG is an online retailer specializing in a wide range of mattresses, memory springs, and accessories, underlining the breadth of product categories that online retail now encompasses.

The retail startup scene in Lombardia is vibrant, innovative, and rapidly evolving. As these startups continue to reshape the retail experience with their unique products and services, Lombardia is fast becoming a hub for the future of retail.

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