Redefining Delivery: 15 German Startups Making Waves in the Delivery Industry

Explore the dynamic landscape of German delivery startups, offering everything from grocery delivery to eco-friendly sharing services.

1. Bliq

Bliq, founded by Johannes Riedel, Julian Glaab, and Torgen Hauschild, is transforming the lives of gig workers in the transport industry by helping them manage their workflow across multiple platform jobs.

2. Kitchenful

Kitchenful, a brainchild of Christian Hartung and Christian Schiller, provides personalized recipe recommendations and delivers the ingredients from local supermarkets, bridging the gap between meal planning and grocery shopping.

3. Fairsenden

Co-founded by Markus Schwarz, Fairsenden is an innovative player in the green delivery industry, operating in the logistics, supply chain, and warehousing sectors.

4. Exporto

Exporto, spearheaded by Julius Komp, is an e-commerce-based logistics company that specializes in same-day delivery, streamlining transportation and supply chain management.

5. Mobrex

Mobrex stands out as the ultimate parts supplier, proving that delivery services are essential across diverse industries, from mobile and e-commerce to sales.

6. JuiT

JuiT spices up the food delivery sector with a focus on diverse culinary options, including lemon chicken, meatballs, Pennette feta, lamb ragout, and salmon fish dishes.

7. Pasta di Monaco

Pasta di Monaco brings the authentic taste of Italy to German homes, delivering various types of pasta, ravioli, and sauces.

8. Trvladdicted

Trvladdicted delivers fashion to doorsteps, establishing itself as a significant player in the e-commerce and delivery industries.

9. Brinc

Brinc is a local delivery platform that goes beyond groceries, providing quick delivery of everyday necessities from drugstore articles and beverages to flowers.

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10. Kombuchery

Kombuchery, co-founded by Maximilian Seedorf, offers organic and probiotic kombucha as a refreshing alternative to soft drinks, championing a healthier approach to beverage delivery.

11. Urbify

Urbify, created by Ben Stolze, leverages integrated delivery operating systems to help online retailers provide same-day and next-day deliveries.

12. Bringoo

Bringoo, pioneered by Hasib Khan, claims the title of being the first service to deliver groceries from neighborhood supermarkets in Germany within 45 minutes.

13. Hive

Hive, co-founded by Franz Purucker, Leonard von Kleist, and Oskar Ziegler, serves small and medium-sized online merchants by storing and shipping products the next day.

14. Fleksa

Fleksa, established by Bhagwati Bhushan Mishra and Shashi Bhushan Mishra, provides digital marketing and ordering solutions for restaurants, bringing technology to traditional dining establishments.

15. GreenCircle

GreenCircle, started by Christian Hugger and Friedrich Köser, operates as a green platform service enabling customers to sell, buy, and subscribe to pre-owned durable household goods.

These 15 German startups are redefining the delivery industry with their innovative services. Their contributions are not only enhancing customer convenience but also contributing to the digital transformation of Germany’s economy.

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