Hessen’s High-Tech Heroes: 15 Pioneering Software Startups Igniting Innovation in Germany

A New Wave of Digital Disruptors: Meet the Hessen-based Startups Reimagining the Software Industry

In Hessen, a thriving economic region of Germany, a digital renaissance is well underway. Here, we shed light on 15 cutting-edge software startups that are redefining the industry, shaping the future of tech and putting Hessen firmly on the global tech map.

Energy Robotics

Founded by Marc Dassler, Energy Robotics is an innovator in the realm of mobile inspection robots. Their software solutions exemplify the interplay between robotics and software, powering new levels of efficiency and precision in inspection processes.


Techara is at the forefront of the software industry, specializing in web development and product design. They also create mobile apps that enable maintenance without the need for new technologies, creating seamless digital experiences.

Pexon Consulting

Led by Paul Niebler and Phillip Duc Duy PHAM, Pexon Consulting offers a wide array of IT services. They specialize in hybrid cloud, software development, database, GCP migration, DevOps, and IT infrastructure services, catering to the diverse needs of modern businesses.


GauVendi is an IT company that provides a sales and revenue system for the hospitality industry. Their solutions are indicative of how the software sector is impacting traditional industries and improving operational efficiency.


Spearad, co-founded by Erhard Neumann, is disrupting the advertising industry with its SaaS-based, Addressable TV Advertising solution. They’re pushing the boundaries of how brands connect with audiences in the digital era.

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Fiovex, an information technology service-based company, is making a significant impact on business development through advanced software solutions.


Specializing in healthcare, Gemedico provides software solutions for teleradiology. This marks a considerable leap forward in remote diagnostics, offering new possibilities for patient care.


VisualOrbit introduces an enterprise-grade zero-code digitalization platform. Their innovative solution is simplifying the digital transformation journey for businesses across industries.

Harrington HPC Microsystems

Harrington HPC Microsystems offers HPC solutions and annual maintenance for enterprise customers, emphasizing the role of high-performance computing in driving business performance.


Founded by Bennet Jeutter, Levent Valente, and Robin Huse, sphira. offers a SaaS mobile app with augmented reality capabilities. This innovative solution is adding a new dimension to facility management and building maintenance.


Proptiq, led by Ruzica Pekic, is developing technology platforms and digital solutions to enable unique and meaningful shared living experiences. This startup embodies the digital evolution of the real estate and property management sectors.

OvO – Online vor Ort

OvO, founded by Dmitri Jivitski, provides an all-in-one software and delivery solution for modern retail. Their work symbolizes the convergence of e-commerce, logistics, and software, revamping the retail landscape.


NUMMERNSCHILD brings an automotive messenger app to the table, further demonstrating the application of software in facilitating communication and networking in different sectors.


Founded by Dr. Kai Holger Müller-Kästner and Dr. Thomas Lehr, ivicos offers a virtual office solution. They’re pioneering a new way of working, leveraging software to create collaborative, productive remote work environments.

Arorian Technologies

Arorian Technologies, led by Manan Arora, provides IT consulting and services. Their work underscores the critical role of software in solving complex IT challenges and helping businesses thrive in the digital age.

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These 15 Hessen-based startups exemplify the transformative power of software across a range of industries. They are not only reimagining how businesses operate but also shaping a more digital, connected, and innovative future.

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