Innovating Through the Screen: 15 Swedish App Startups Revolutionizing Various Industries

Discover the next generation of innovative startups from Sweden, as they leverage the power of apps to reshape everything from healthcare to entertainment.

1. Coupleness

Founders Andreas Nilsson, Jenny Holmström, and Peter Viksten are revolutionizing the world of couples’ social networking through their startup, Coupleness, a unique mobile social network for couples.

2. Olivia

The digital platform Olivia, created by Amy Aanen and Hannah Lindström, serves as a comprehensive menopause guide to understand, track, and alleviate symptoms, ushering a new era of personalized healthcare.

3., brought to life by Haza Newman and Vladimir Osipov, offers a conferencing platform that uniquely combines simplicity, white-labelling, security, and privacy, thus reshaping the video conferencing landscape.


MIOO, conceptualized by Tomas Grönqvist, is a mobile app providing a subscription-based bicycle service and insurance, delivering convenience right into the hands of cycling enthusiasts.

5. House:ID

House:ID simplifies the challenges associated with real estate ownership, maintenance, and development through a mobile app, streamlining an otherwise complex industry.

6. Baby Journey

The brainchild of Damon Foroozesh and Timothy Forni, Baby Journey is the most popular app for pregnant women and toddler parents in Sweden, providing an immersive universe for life with kids.

7. Flasheye

Flasheye brings proven technology from the automotive, defense, and robotics industries into industrial applications, illustrating the power of cross-industry innovation.

8. Vermiculus Financial Technology

Vermiculus Financial Technology offers cloud-based microservices, providing business-critical and customized solutions, thus playing a key role in digitizing the financial sector.

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The E-GO APP is a gaming platform offering fantasy tournaments, esport calendars, live games, stats, and leagues, providing an immersive experience for gaming enthusiasts.

10. Movvio

Movvio serves as a go-to mobile app for TV show and movie recommendations, transforming the way we consume entertainment.

11. Pinpointer

Pinpointer provides a digital platform for easy and smooth management of excavated waste, showcasing how apps can play a crucial role in waste management.

12. Monotree

Monotree develops an employee application specifically for desktop workforces, offering an innovative tool for business productivity and training.

13. Mysaly

Mysaly offers a unique solution to financial management by providing real-time salary payments for hourly workers through its mobile application.

14. Kebitz

Kebitz serves as an intriguing platform offering personal video advice from experts in various areas, from relationships and home decor to law and astrology.

15. Card4Action

Card4Action, created by Anders Nilsson, utilizes digital profile cards as keys to meet and communicate with visitors and members, providing an interesting take on networking and communication.

These 15 Swedish startups demonstrate the broad potential and versatility of app-based solutions, offering unique services and reshaping industries from the comfort of our screens.

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