Digital Renaissance: Spain’s Thriving Landscape of Digital Marketing Startups

Uncover 15 of Spain's most innovative digital marketing startups, disrupting the advertising landscape through technology, creativity, and strategic finesse.

1. Tribaldata

Founders Erik Häggblom and Jon Adolfsson offer smart sustainable advertising solutions with Tribaldata, ingeniously merging consumer data with environmental impact.

2. Big Bang Food

Big Bang Food is pioneering the adaptation of the food industry to digital trends and changes, navigating strategic and digital transformations to meet new consumer expectations.

3. Criptoro

Criptoro, established by Jesus Sanchez Bermejo, extends its fintech expertise to the realm of digital marketing. It provides a wide array of services, including blockchain, tax consulting, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency services.

4. Solid.

Solid. is an inbound marketing agency that’s reinventing the wheel in the realms of advertising, digital marketing, lead generation, and SEO.

5. Homia

Homia, a comprehensive digital marketing company, also provides web development, online advertising, web hosting, and graphic design services, offering an all-encompassing suite for business needs.

6. Bushido Talent

Bushido Talent, a digital marketing agency, is proficient in weaving brand narratives, playing a significant role in brand marketing and digital advertising.

7. Digital Oxygen

Digital Oxygen is breathing life into online marketing with its diverse services, including organic positioning, web analytics, Google advertising, and web design.

8. Persualia

Persualia stands out by providing services in social media marketing and marketing strategy, aiding businesses in shaping compelling digital narratives.

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9. Priopcion

Priopcion, a marketing and promotion logistics company, showcases the synergy of digital marketing and logistics, providing seamless promotional strategies.

10. Liten Lemon

Liten Lemon, a Madrid-based digital marketing agency, effectively blends advertising, digital marketing, and web design to create compelling marketing narratives.

11. Relevanzz

Relevanzz, a digital media agency, specializes in creating effective paid campaigns and ads for social media platforms, harnessing the power of social advertising.

12. Cruz Creative Media

Founded by James Tucker, Cruz Creative Media offers a mix of content creation, video production, SEO, digital marketing, and social media management services, showcasing a multifaceted approach to digital marketing.

13. we do things

we do things, a digital strategy consultancy and agency, provides innovative solutions in the spheres of consulting, content marketing, and social media.

14. Marchatic

Marchatic takes a dual approach to digital services, providing both digital marketing services and digital property management, showcasing a comprehensive approach to online presence management.

15. Samurai Marketing

Samurai Marketing operates as a digital marketing agency, focusing on providing effective marketing solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

These startups are infusing the Spanish digital marketing landscape with fresh ideas and creative strategies, ultimately reinventing how businesses connect with consumers in the digital age.

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