La Dolce Vita of Startups: Exploring Italy’s Flourishing Consumer-Based Ventures

Discover 15 of Italy's most exciting consumer-focused startups, marrying tradition with innovation, and redefining the consumer industry.

1. Ohoskin

Ohoskin, under the guidance of Adriana Santanocito, produces bio-based material alternatives to leather using oranges and cactuses, revolutionizing the textiles and consumer goods industry.

2. Bruno Cell

Bruno Cell sets its sights on transforming the food and beverage industry by making cultured meat an economically sustainable resource through funding and managing research projects.

3. Melchioni Ready

Melchioni Ready has built a comprehensive online store offering electronics, batteries, audio equipment, and hardware tools, reinventing how consumers interact with the hardware and electronics industry.

4. RD24

RD24 paves the way in the rental market, offering furniture, sport, and fitness equipment, creating flexibility and accessibility for consumers.

5. Agrisene

Agrisene is enriching the agriculture and consumer goods sectors through the production and import of agricultural products, tapping into the booming sustainable farming industry.

6. Bright101

Bright101’s innovative wireless optical solutions for environmental applications herald a new age in the consumer applications and wireless industry.

7. Marypop

Marypop specializes in the production of a wide range of bags and accessories, enhancing the consumer goods and retail industry with its unique, crafted designs.

8. FLAU Dermacare

FLAU Dermacare caters to sensitive skin, providing beauty products specially designed for this skin type, adding a refreshing touch to the consumer goods and cosmetics sector.

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9. Time for Planet

Time for Planet brings luxury to sustainability by designing, manufacturing, and distributing mechanical wrist watches, redefining the consumer goods and product design industry.

10. Black Lab Props

With founders Francesca Adiletta and Roberta Savage at the helm, Black Lab Props is a rental company offering furniture and accessories, changing the consumer goods and e-commerce sectors.

11. Cavó

Cavó, a manufacturer of leather products, adds elegance to the consumer goods and e-commerce sectors, celebrating Italy’s renowned leather industry.

12. Gotti Store

Gotti Store is an online one-stop-shop for all home décor needs, providing everything from crockery to tablecloths, redefining the consumer goods and lifestyle industry.

13. MAG

MAG specializes in the design and sale of electric bikes and accessories, promoting a sustainable and fashionable mode of transport in the consumer electronics sector.


YOUBUYME brings the wellness industry to consumer homes through its e-commerce platform offering housewares and herbal products.

15. Linda Damiani

Linda Damiani’s online shop offers a wide collection of hand, pochette, and shopper bags, representing the epitome of Italian fashion in the consumer goods sector.

These startups are driving consumer industry innovation in Italy, creating exciting opportunities for consumers and contributing significantly to Italy’s flourishing startup ecosystem.

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