Pioneering Wellness Wonders: 15 Italian Startups Reshaping the Health Landscape

Unlocking the potential of health and wellness, these innovative Italian startups bring a refreshing blend of technology and personalized care to the industry.

1. Mindwork

Mindwork goes beyond physical health, focusing on psychological counseling services for professionals, addressing mental health in the corporate world.

2. SosPediatra

A boon for parents, SosPediatra has developed an app facilitating pediatric home visits, reinventing how we approach children’s healthcare.


Safety and health come together in SMAIRTHERO’s patented ecosystem, designed to work hand-in-hand with medical devices and wearable technology.

4. Demetra Life

Demetra Life has fostered a health-focused community that promotes well-being and physical health, seamlessly blending fitness and nutrition.

5. SoLongevity

SoLongevity emphasizes evidence-based treatments and products, fortified by solid clinical studies, establishing credibility in the wellness domain.

6. Brain & Care

Specializing in mental well-being, Brain & Care extends its services to those seeking psychological assistance, elevating the focus on mental health.

7. Genius4U

Genius4U offers more than wellness, providing a range of services from laundry and car wash to fresh produce delivery, incorporating daily wellness into everyday tasks.

8. Drimbox

A leader in digital entertainment, Drimbox brings a unique wellness edge to its platform with lifestyle and wellness content, blurring the lines between entertainment and wellbeing.

9. BodyMind Studio

BodyMind Studio specializes in treatments for musculoskeletal diseases and offers services ranging from physiotherapy and osteopathy to Pilates and rehabilitation.

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10. Buddyfit

Buddyfit, spearheaded by Giovanni Ciferri, Stefano Cortese, and Stefano Manzoni, leverages the digital realm, offering live monthly fitness classes to help its users remain robust and healthy.

11. Active Farma

Targeting children and adolescents, Active Farma produces a range of vitamins and supplements, emphasizing the importance of nutrition in early years.

12. Il Villaggio della Salute

Il Villaggio della Salute focuses on community wellbeing, promoting primary prevention, health, and wellness initiatives.

13. Epsilen Bio

Co-founded by Angelo Lombardo and Luigi Naldini, Epsilen Bio is pioneering the development of Epigenetic Silencing therapy to treat a range of human diseases.

14. Ketozona

Ketozona caters to all things well-being. From food supplements and functional food to cosmetics, it promotes wellness through a holistic approach.

15. Doc Peter

Doc Peter intertwines health, wellness, and fitness, creating an integrated platform for health-conscious individuals.

These startups embody the drive and innovation that Italy’s health and wellness sector has to offer, demonstrating how technology and care can harmonize to deliver impressive outcomes.

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