Artificial Intelligence Powerhouses: 15 Remarkable AI Startups Taking Poland by Storm

Unveiling a new era of innovation, these promising Polish startups are propelling artificial intelligence to new horizons.

1. GGPredict

Led by Daniel Zawadzki, Mateusz Kamola, and Przemysław Siemaszko, GGPredict harnesses the power of AI to create a digital coach for eSports players, adding a futuristic touch to the gaming world.

2. Algopolis.Ai

Co-founded by Piotr Warsicki, Algopolis.Ai utilizes artificial intelligence to drive quantitative investment management, transforming the landscape of fintech and trading platforms.


KERRIS IT has developed a comprehensive toolbox for software houses and agencies based on extensive research and artificial intelligence, reinventing the software industry.

4. Recostream

Guided by Michal Glomba, Recostream brings a personalized touch to e-commerce platforms by offering product recommendations using advanced AI and machine learning technology.

5. Robotec.AI

Specializing in high-tech solutions for automated and connected vehicles, shows how artificial intelligence is fueling the future of transportation.

6. WEimpact.AI

As an IT consulting firm, WEimpact.AI broadens the scope of AI, providing services like speech analysis, transcription, and data labeling.

7. enkids

Enkids leverages AI to provide a dynamic online platform where children can take language classes with native speakers, bringing innovation to the edtech sector.

8. Numlabs

Founded by Adam Wojsa, Karol Kabala, and Wojciech Gron, Numlabs delivers bespoke AI solutions for businesses, proving that artificial intelligence is not just a trend, but a transformative business tool.

9. MaritimeAI

Guided by Pavel Golubev, MaritimeAI envisions a sustainable maritime economy of the future, building applications with AI and big data.

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10. Estigiti

Under Izabela Seregin’s leadership, Estigiti offers a range of services including edge AI, IoT, cloud data processing, and technology evaluation, shaping the future of software development.

11. unifies software, web development, communication design, machine learning, AI, and cloud programming services, reinforcing the versatility of AI applications.

12. Avrio

Avrio showcases the interplay between AI and energy efficiency by developing a facility operating system powered by artificial intelligence for data-driven building operations.

13. Surveily

Co-founded by Wojciech Tubek and Wojtek Turowicz, Surveily applies artificial intelligence to increase safety in manufacturing plants, proving that AI can be a valuable asset to industrial safety.

14. AIDA Diagnostics

AIDA Diagnostics, led by Mateusz Pawełczuk, Michał Janiszewski, and Michał Kubik, utilizes machine learning algorithms to optimize blood transfusions in hospitals, reinforcing AI’s impact on healthcare.

15. inteliLex

Founded by Agnieszka Poteralska, Artur Tanona, and Ignacy Janiszewski, inteliLex revolutionizes the legal tech industry by suggesting relevant text snippets during the creation of legal documents.

These startups are shining examples of Poland’s dynamic and fast-evolving AI sector, demonstrating the transformative potential of artificial intelligence across various industries.

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