Czech Tech Champions: 15 Startups Reshaping the Software Landscape

Exploring the myriad innovative solutions offered by startups in the Czech Republic's burgeoning software industry

Ydistri: Revolutionizing Inventory Management

Ydistri, co-founded by Lukas Estvanc and Roland Dzogan, is altering the way retail chains manage their inventory. Their software application aims to eliminate out-of-stock scenarios and rebalance non-selling inventory, promising a more efficient retail experience.

Product Fruits: Nurturing Digital Engagement

Co-founded by Karel Papík and Ladislav Šalom, Product Fruits enriches web applications by adding interactive guides, hints, and tips. It’s a fresh way of enhancing user experience and customer feedback.

Uget: Linking Restaurants and Suppliers

Uget, founded by Ilya Ivanov, facilitates a seamless connection between restaurant suppliers and clients. Their platform showcases how software can optimize and streamline the foodservice industry.

Signi: Digitizing Signatures

Signi offers a web and mobile application that enables users to create digital signatures. This initiative moves us closer to a paperless future by transforming a traditionally offline process into a digital one.

MoniMark: Safeguarding Brands

Co-founded by Jiri Kovarnik, Lukas Kral, and Marek Liska, MoniMark is committed to brand protection, primarily through trademark monitoring. This startup showcases the synergy between legal tech and software.

Ullmanna: Pioneering AgTech Innovation

Ullmanna brings together robotics, artificial intelligence, and organic food production. Their groundbreaking solution promises to scale up organic food production in a sustainable manner.

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DX Heroes: Supercharging Developer Experience

DX Heroes, founded by Prokop Simek, offers tools and expertise to enhance the developer experience. This startup is committed to making software development smoother and more efficient. Navigating the Seas of Cryptocurrency, in cooperation with GENERAL BYTES, explores the intersection of software and cryptocurrency. The startup is paving the way for more secure and user-friendly financial transactions.

Otto DIY: Bringing Robotics to the Masses

Otto DIY offers an open-source project that enables anyone to build and code their own robots. It’s an exciting venture that fosters innovation and creativity in the field of robotics.

Numbro: Streamlining Contact Management

Numbro provides a team contact management tool for businesses, ensuring that contact information is organized, accessible, and easily shared among team members.

AAHI: Digitizing the Gastronomic World

Co-founded by Alexis Yushin, AAHI is an AI-powered restaurant software designed to bring the traditional gastronomic world into the digital era.

gigglemusic: Harmonizing Music and Networking

gigglemusic is a social networking app designed specifically for classical and jazz musicians. The app simplifies the process of finding and connecting with other musicians, events, and groups. Optimizing Workforce Management simplifies global workforce management with its innovative platform. Their solution shows how software can optimize business processes and increase operational efficiency.

Worldee: Capturing the World through Photos

Co-founded by Tomas Nakladal, Worldee provides an online platform for travelers to share their experiences in photo albums. It’s a unique combination of photography, software, and travel.

Tracity s.r.o.: Transforming Asset Management

Tracity s.r.o., founded by Vladimir Vlach, offers a solution for Enterprise Asset Management. This startup exemplifies how software can streamline business operations and improve efficiency.

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