Madrid’s Tech Innovators: 15 Startups Shaping the Future of Information Technology

A deep dive into Madrid's vibrant tech scene, showcasing 15 startups revolutionizing diverse sectors

DynamEat: Digitizing HORECA

DynamEat, founded by Alessio Di Gaetano and Javier Espinosa, brings digital innovation to the HORECA sector by enabling the digitization of menus and profit optimization through dynamic pricing and menu engineering.

Bildia: Constructing the Future

Bildia, spearheaded by Jerónimo van Schendel Erice, is a unique platform for construction estimation and acquisition. This startup is bridging the gap between construction and technology.

Promos: Harnessing the Power of Data

Promos combines machine learning and crowdsourced market research data. Founders Andrius Juozapaitis and Lina Beinortaite have effectively harnessed the power of data to inform strategic business decisions.

SMEBOOK: The Hub for Tech Companies

SMEBOOK, led by Basilio Fernández, serves as an innovation platform where tech companies can intelligently connect, exchange resources, and share valuable information.

Crypto Plaza: Co-working for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Crypto Plaza, founded by Javier Esteban Piñeiro and Jesus Perez, is a unique coworking space. This community supports members in creating business opportunities in the cryptocurrency domain.

Zityhub: Pioneering Virtual Workspaces

Zityhub is an online technology platform offering reservations of virtual workplaces, teleworking, and co-work networking services. This innovative solution perfectly caters to the rising trend of remote work.

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WhiteBox: Driving AI Systems

WhiteBox, founded by David Cañones and Pedro Muñoz Botas, designs data and artificial intelligence systems. This startup showcases the exciting possibilities at the intersection of analytics and AI.

TycheTools: Energizing Data Centers

TycheTools, founded by Jose M. Moya, provides energy efficiency solutions for data centers. Their efficient operation management is an excellent example of the intersection of energy and IT.

Tadatic: Bridging Developers and Cool Projects

Tadatic connects developers with innovative projects, showcasing how IT can revolutionize human resource management in the software development industry.

Enthec Solutions: Secure and Efficient Cloud Services

Enthec Solutions offers products focusing on security monitoring, DevSecOps, and cloud services. Their secure and efficient solutions demonstrate how IT can bolster cybersecurity in the era of cloud computing.

Hello Auto: Automating Insurance

Hello Auto is an insurance company with a focus on car insurance. This startup exemplifies how IT can streamline and automate processes in the finance and insurance sectors.

WagonGO: Optimizing B2B Delivery Management

WagonGO provides AI and SaaS-based delivery management applications for B2B services. This innovative approach demonstrates the transformative potential of AI and SaaS in the delivery industry.

Sistema Efactura: Simplifying Invoicing

Sistema Efactura is a provider of electronic invoicing and factoring solutions for businesses and public administrations. Their platform showcases how IT can simplify financial transactions and administrative processes.

Fleeet: Modernizing Fleet Performance

Fleeet builds intelligent technology to modernize and improve the performance of fleets. This automotive tech startup exemplifies the use of IT in enhancing fleet management.

Video-MOS: Pioneering AI Technologies

Video-MOS, led by Iago Fdez-Cedrón, is a European firm that employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. This startup underlines how AI is driving advancements across various industries.

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