The Italian Renaissance of Social Media: 15 Startups Making Waves in the Digital World

Embark on a tour through Italy's flourishing landscape of social media startups revolutionizing the digital marketing scene

Jungler: The Game Changer in Influencer Marketing

Simone Scaglia co-founded Jungler, a startup committed to enhancing the power of influencer marketing. With this innovative approach, they’re reshaping advertising in the digital era.

Mashub: Designing a Digital Future

Mashub is a jack of all trades in the digital world. Offering a myriad of services such as graphic design, social media management, and project management, Mashub is making strides in the digital landscape.

Enzima: Powering up Digital Marketing

Enzima, co-founded by Matteo Blasi, is a dynamic provider of digital marketing, social media, graphic, and web design services. They offer a comprehensive solution to businesses aiming to optimize their digital presence.

Sbam: Turning Social Media into Science

Co-founded by Angelo Puddu and Luca Pezzolla, Sbam is a unique platform that uses analytics to help businesses formulate effective social media strategies and optimize their social media management.

Sounder: Socializing Music Alerts

Sounder is an innovative social network offering music and concert alerts, creating a dedicated digital community for music lovers.

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Eighty-Twenty: Bridging the Gap between User and Interface

Eighty-Twenty is a digital agency providing UX/UI design, analytics, system assessment, and social media marketing. Their comprehensive offerings drive businesses into the digital age with style and efficiency.

Winegate Lab: Networking the Wine Industry

Winegate Lab integrates digital marketing and network security to provide a unique suite of services dedicated to the wine industry.

Hhype: Web Development Meets Digital Marketing

Hhype merges the realms of web development, digital marketing, and social media management, creating a comprehensive solution for businesses in the digital age.

REPUP: Managing Online Reputations

REPUP offers specialized online reputation management services, safeguarding and enhancing the digital persona of businesses in today’s interconnected world.

Sport Digital House: Where Sports Meet Digital Marketing

Sport Digital House is a sports-focused digital marketing agency, proving that niche markets can effectively leverage the power of social media and web development.

GAMS Platform: Validating Skills in the Digital Age

Riccardo Guggiola co-founded the GAMS Platform, a digital marketing agency that offers an interesting blend of branding, graphic design, skill validation, and social media advertising services.

Next Edge: Leveraging Web Marketing and Analytics

Next Edge is a web marketing agency that harnesses the power of digital marketing, customer engagement, digital strategy, and analytics, providing data-driven marketing solutions.

Supernova Data: Sentiment Analysis and Design Methodologies

Supernova Data offers consulting services with a focus on design methodologies and sentiment analysis solutions, bringing analytics and social media management to a new level.

Onelab Milano: Pioneering Sports Marketing and Social Media Management

Onelab Milano is an advertising firm providing sports marketing, social media management, and communication consulting, proving the immense potential of niche marketing.

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Scuderia Pmi: Accelerating Web Marketing and Advertisement Services

Scuderia Pmi speeds up the digital marketing world with their comprehensive web marketing and advertisement services. With a special focus on SEO and social media, they’re driving businesses into the digital age.

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