Innovating Manufacturing in Lombardia: Unveiling the Region’s Exciting Startups

Explore the dynamic landscape of manufacturing startups in Lombardia, Italy, where these 15 innovative companies are revolutionizing industries and driving technological advancements.


Lombardia, known for its rich manufacturing heritage, is home to a thriving startup ecosystem that is pushing the boundaries of innovation. In this article, we showcase 15 exciting manufacturing startups that are driving change and shaping the future of the industry in Lombardia. From healthcare and renewable energy to robotics and industrial engineering, these startups are revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape.


MgShell specializes in manufacturing intraocular devices for the treatment of the exudative form of age-related macular degeneration. Their advanced medical devices provide innovative solutions for enhancing vision and improving patients’ quality of life.


Photonpath designs and produces integrated photonic devices that leverage the power of light to obtain, transmit, and process information. Their cutting-edge solutions in nanotechnology and semiconductor manufacturing are transforming industries and driving technological advancements.

Circular Materials

Circular Materials is a semiconductor manufacturing company that focuses on renewable energy technology for treating wastewater. Their innovative solutions in machinery manufacturing and water purification contribute to a sustainable future while addressing crucial environmental challenges.

Plus Biomedicals

Plus Biomedicals is a leading designer and manufacturer of biomedical devices. With a focus on biotechnology and medical device manufacturing, they develop innovative solutions that improve patient care and drive advancements in healthcare.


DVB-TECH specializes in the development and manufacturing of RF microwave solid-state power amplifier solutions. Their high-performance products find applications in various industries, including medical devices and product design.

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TooA is dedicated to providing homemade ice cream machines that allow individuals and businesses to create delicious frozen treats. Their machinery manufacturing expertise and focus on retail make homemade ice cream more accessible than ever.


Qwarzo is a technology company that offers the manufacturing and distribution of recyclable and biodegradable disposable paper products. Their commitment to sustainability drives innovation in manufacturing and recycling.


FEETNESS is a manufacturing company that specializes in the design and development of technical sporting socks for a wide range of sports. Their high-quality products enhance performance and comfort for athletes worldwide.

Rebel Dynamics

Rebel Dynamics designs and manufactures simulation systems that enable realistic and immersive training experiences. With a focus on robotics and manufacturing, their solutions find applications in various industries, including training and education.

Ulia Pharma

Ulia Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company committed to producing high-quality medications. Their expertise in manufacturing and pharmaceuticals contributes to advancements in medical treatments and patient care.

Roncadelle Operations

Roncadelle Operations is a manufacturer of retractable system syringes, offering innovative solutions for the medical device industry. Their focus on manufacturing excellence ensures the highest standards of quality and reliability. is a manufacturer of motor vehicles and trucks, combining automotive and electronics expertise. Their innovative approach to manufacturing and vehicle design drives advancements in mobility solutions.


Folthink is an engineering firm specializing in the design and manufacturing of flat panel modules for surfaces. Their expertise in home decor and interior design revolutionizes the way surfaces are utilized and integrated into living spaces.

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Sinergy Pharma

Sinergy Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality medications. Their commitment to manufacturing excellence and medical advancements ensures the availability of safe and effective healthcare products.

E.F. Group

E.F. Group is an industrial manufacturer that excels in polystyrene models, cast iron foundry, steel foundry, and cast iron castings. Their expertise in industrial engineering and manufacturing drives progress in various sectors.


Lombardia’s manufacturing startups are driving innovation, sustainability, and growth in the region. These 15 startups are at the forefront of manufacturing advancements, harnessing cutting-edge technologies and disruptive solutions to reshape industries. From healthcare to renewable energy, Lombardia’s manufacturing landscape is thriving with entrepreneurial spirit and transformative ideas.

As these startups continue to make their mark, we can expect Lombardia to solidify its position as a hub of manufacturing excellence, attracting global attention and fostering economic development.

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