Which German Medical Device Startups are Transforming Healthcare in 2023?

Despite the challenges of 2020, the startup ecosystem in Germany continued to thrive, with medical device startups seeing a significant increase. This article highlights 15 of these innovative companies that are making a real difference in healthcare, whether through harnessing artificial intelligence, improving diagnostics, or creating life-saving technologies.

These startups not only reflect the entrepreneurial spirit in Germany but also underscore the country’s commitment to advancing healthcare and improving patient care. From revolutionising radiology to inventing a new lens care system, these companies are at the forefront of medical technology.

Read on to learn more about these exciting startups and discover how they are reshaping the future of healthcare.


DeepSpin is working to revolutionize imaging in the medical industry. Founded by Clemens Tepel and Pedro Freire Silva, this startup is developing an AI-powered MRI imaging machine. By integrating artificial intelligence into their medical devices, they are transforming the MRI experience and improving patient care.


The hearing aid for incontinence is what inContAlert promises to deliver. Jannik Lockl, Nicolas Ruhland, and Pascal Fechner founded this startup with a vision of leveraging AI and machine learning to provide health care solutions.


smedo, founded by Thomas Grellner, prides itself on the world’s most advanced contactless biometrics technology. Functioning in various healthcare sectors, the startup’s devices contribute to everything from home health care to health diagnostics.

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deepc is an AI Operating System leading the future of radiology. Co-founded by Dr. Franz MJ Pfister, Julia Moosbauer, and Michael Meyerhoff, this company uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize radiology.


Co-founded by Bálint Várkuti, CereGate is a San Diego, CA-based startup pioneering a new software platform in the medical device domain.


Florio is a digital health company devoted to individuals with rare diseases. This Munich-based startup emphasizes the importance of digitization in the health care industry.


Ebenbuild focuses on precision therapy, offering personalized digital twins in the world of healthcare.

Inspital Medical Technology

Inspital Medical Technology is a supplier company specializing in a variety of surgical suction units and hospital furniture products, striving to enhance patient care and comfort.


Visotec is a company run by Helge Sudkamp, researching and developing proprietary OCT technology for home retinal diagnostics and personalized AMD treatment.


MedX5 provides life-saving diagnostics and medical therapeutic solutions. Though the founders’ names are not given, their work is making a significant impact in the industry.

Broad Mind Inc.

Broad Mind Inc. intends to create a positive future for humanity. Founded by Ivan Tsy, this deep tech startup extends into the realm of medical devices and virtual reality.


Lenzbox specializes in the development of lens care systems. Founders Cornelius Doniga and Peter Bruhn aim to innovatively reshape the eyewear industry.

Nia Health

Nia Health uses technology for medical innovation. Co-founders Dr. Reem Alneebari, Oliver Welter, and Tobias Seidl focus on different domains: health care, diagnostic services, life science, personal health, software, and therapeutics.

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digid – Digital Diagnostics AG

digid – Digital Diagnostics AG, led by Miki Devic, seeks to digitalize diagnostics by enabling real-time tracking and analysis of human biodata.


eyelevel is forging a new standard of care for child and adolescent psychiatry. This digital health company’s name is creating an impact in health care, medical device, and therapeutic sectors.

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