Which German Supply Chain Startups Are Reshaping Industry Standards in 2023?

The startup ecosystem in Germany has been undergoing phenomenal growth lately. A substantial portion of this development has been enjoyed by startups operating in the domain of Supply Chain Management (SCM). The relevance and importance of SCM services have increased significantly in the backwash of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, as organizations across the globe have been forced to revamp their supply chain outlook in response to changing circumstances. Here in this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most aspiring and effective startup enterprises taking strides in the domain of Supply Chain Management within Germany.


Founded by Markus Schwarz, Fairsenden has been making significant strides in the logistics, supply chain, and the eco-friendly delivery industry. The company’s exceptional contributions in these fields are the result of deploying innovative solutions for automating and optimizing logistics operations, warehousing, and supply chain management.


Based in Germany, Base86 is a startup that provides a radical approach towards tracking, managing, and optimizing supplies cost for independent dental offices. Founded by a team of dedicated professionals, the company belongs to a unique domain featuring Health Care, Software, Supply Chain Management, and Web Development.


Made2Flow is a fashion industry startup that offers bespoke measurement solutions. It combines the sectors of Fashion, Information Technology, and Supply Chain Management to work towards incorporating digital solutions to equip brands and retailers with better decision-making tools.

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Exporto is an eCommerce-based logistics company founded by Julius Komp. Featuring services like transportation, supply chain management, and same-day delivery, this startup has a defining role in reshaping the eCommerce industry operations in Germany.


With Transparency and traceability at the heart of its business, Xylene strives to provide supply chain management solutions integrated with Software and Web Apps. The founding team includes Christopher Edwards and Giuseppe Benenati.


With its focus on contract logistics, eCommerce solutions, freight, customs service, and advertising material logistics solutions, Welog is redefining the landscape of supply chain management as well as eCommerce in Germany.

Inspital Medical Technology

Inspital Medical Technology offers a wide range of surgical suction units and hospital furniture products and is a supplier company that sits at the intersection of healthcare, manufacturing, customer service and supply chain management.


Extheria creates trusted digital reflections by combining IoT, printed electronics, and artificial intelligence to offer supply chain management solutions that are futuristic, efficient and reliable.


Openpack is a digital platform catering to the packaging industry. It digitizes the sales and purchase data for manufacturers and suppliers, enhancing their capabilities and market delivery.

Rothbaum Consulting Engineers

Rothbaum Consulting Engineers provides management consulting services to businesses facing complex logistical and supply chain challenges, offering innovative business solutions that improve efficiency and streamline operations.

DeTec Global

DeTec Global is a commercial supplier of welding equipment and consumables. The company also offers import and export trade services, and contributes to supply chain management through its robust logistics and industrial engineering operations.

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Retraced, founded by Lukas Pünder, Peter Merkert and Philipp Mayer, provides a SaaS solution enabling tracing of fashion supply chains with Blockchain technology. Serial entrepreneurs who went on to revolutionize the industry with their blockchain-based fashion supply chain management solution.


In an industry dominated by physical transactions, BOXXPORT, founded by Jan Frahnert, Paul Wolter and Priya Ranjan, provides a platform to buy, sell, lease, auction and manage shipping containers online.

Industry List

Co-founded by Jonathan Meier, Maik Schwarz, and Patrick Biermann, Industry List is a B2B cloud platform for finding and managing contract manufacturers for custom components.


Tracifier, co-founded by Jako Kordi and Mina Kordi, is using Blockchain and NFT to offer a supply chain traceability solution. Tracifier is transforming the way businesses track their supply chains in sectors like AgTech, Food and Beverage, Marketing, Retail, and Software.

The German startup scene in Supply Chain Management is rich and varied. These startups are accelerating the pace of innovation and pushing boundaries to drive forward the domain of SCM. They hold enormous potential and are undoubtedly gearing up to make their significant contribution in reshaping the global supply chain landscape.

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