Who are France’s Most Influential Payments Startups Shaping 2023 Trends?

France has been a hotbed of innovation in the Fintech sector, with numerous startups tackling pain points in the payment industry. From easing account payable processes for SMEs to providing seamless document management with payment APIs, these startups are revolutionizing the traditional financial system. Here we present you the top 15 payment startups originating from France, which are shaping the future of the payment industry.

Finance-oriented startups are vital to the advancement of the European economy. They provide solutions to existing obstacles in the conventional banking sector and increasingly, new ways of conducting transactions. They represent a turning point in consumer practices and an opportunity to reshape the banking landscape. We delve into the operations of these French startups, giving an account of each company’s purpose and highlighting their respective contributions to the fintech industry.

These promising startups range from those focusing on the billing sector to those creating innovative ecosystems using blockchain technology. Although varying in their specific industries and type of services, all these startups share a common goal: to provide reliable, straightforward, and safe payment solutions. Without further ado, let us explore these innovators and their unique offerings.


Libeo is a fintech startup that aims to simplify the process of account payables for SMEs. The company concentrates its efforts on providing reliable services to small and medium businesses, easing their burdens in managing their account payables. Libeo was founded by Jeremy Attuil, Pierre Dutaret, and Pierre-Antoine Glandier.

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Pixpay is a payment startup offering mobile banking for teenagers. This platform provides financial services specifically catered to adolescents, helping them manage their spending and savings. The company was founded by Benoit Grassin.

Money Walkie

Money Walkie is an NFC wallet payment solution designed for children. The platform is developed with the aim to introduce children to digital payments, promoting financial responsibility. This firm was founded by Raphael LEPRETTE.


Eurosign ensures seamless document management through digital solutions like online payment, electronic invoices, and identity verification APIs. While digitizing document management, it incorporates a broad range of solutions, reducing the need for different services from multiple providers.


Kamix is an app that offers commission-free money transfers. This platform provides an economical method for users to send, receive, and request money, no matter where they are in the world.

Pachira Pay

Aiming to make payments simpler, Pachira Pay provides various financial services centered around payment solutions. Their mission is to make transactions convenient, swift, and secure for their clients.


Uniskip is a financial platform that enables money transfers, bill payments and multiple payments in one site. It offers a seamless digital experience for users, making financial transactions streamlined and user-friendly.


Zeppto promotes e-commerce through backing PSP to re-route and retry failed e-commerce payments. The company was founded by Frédéric Minot and Gregory Zerbib.


Paymed caters to healthcare professionals, providing payment and debt management solutions. The firm provides effective ways for professionals in the healthcare industry to handle their financial transactions and obligations.

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Izivat, specializing in cross-border money transactions and tax-free payment solutions, offers a mobile application that caters mainly to international users who need to send or receive money across borders.

O21 Group

O21 has developed a financial ecosystem that uses blockchain technology to offer a multi-currency, instant, secure, and carbon-neutral payment system. It symbolizes the new wave of startups leveraging blockchain for innovative solutions.


MOBIP is a mobile payment web application that offers a streamlined way for users to perform their financial transactions through their mobile devices.


Regate simplifies accounting and financial operations through its SaaS platform. The company, founded by Alexis Renard and Laura Pallier, aims to streamline financial operations, thereby saving time and reducing errors.


HappyPal reinvents employee benefits through a SaaS and Payment solution. Founded by Alyssa Emmungil and Rim Zerhouni, the firm focuses on providing employees with unbeatable perks through their innovative platform.


Kresus offers early payment, financing, and short-term cash investment solutions. Founded by César Vial and Haris Mebarki, Kresus is on a mission to provide reliable and efficient financial solutions for businesses.

France is breaking the mold in the FinTech industry, earning high regard in Europe and beyond. With advancements in technology and the increasing accessibility of digital platforms, these startups are capitalizing on opportunities to revolutionize the payments industry. We look forward to witnessing how these startups continue to shape the payment landscape in the near future.

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