What are France’s Most Innovative and Influential Fashion Startups Today?

Known for innovation and inspiration, the French fashion industry is more than just haute couture. A new wave of dynamic startups from France are redefining the fashion landscape, bringing interesting ideas and fresh perspectives to one of the planet’s oldest and most prestigious industries. Let’s delve into these startups and grasp a brief about them.

From adaptive undergarments for disabled women to sustainable jewelry concepts, these startups are leaving no stones unturned. They are propelling progress in everything from e-commerce to the integration of Artificial Intelligence in fashion.

Embodied in the philosophy of these companies are the establishment of a strong, inspirational, and supportive community, a commitment to heightened customer experiences, and a steadfast pursuit of innovation.

Liberare (Formerly Intimately)

Liberare, co-founded by Emma Butler, is a unique e-tailer, which is catering to a community of disabled women. It is a platform for adaptive undergarments with a mission to improve the lives of disabled women.


Mokki, brought into existence by Tamara Brisk, is a platform aimed at making the circular economy a way of life. It serves as a one-stop destination for reselling, donating, and recycling items.


Komposite, founded by Pablos Holman, is redefining the apparel industry with the next-generation technology. The brand aims to make production more efficient with the help of industrial automation.

Salut Beauté

Salut Beauté is a conscientious textile manufacturer producing upcycled ready-to-wear clothing. It proves that sustainability and style can go hand in hand.

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Fashion Data

Fashion Data provides data-driven solutions for the fashion market with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This startup empowers fashion businesses with the power of insightful and actionable data.


Nodaleto, under the leadership of Julia Toledano, is an e-commerce store that specializes in footwear for women. Their offerings range from bridal shoes to Sandals and Loafers.


Firenoon is a personalized social application developed with the intention of fashion lovers to share their opinions, reviews, and latest trends within the community.


Eliminate is a marketplace focused on eSports clubs and content producers desiring customized merchandise. The startup is a perfect blend of the fashion and eSports industry.


JE SUIS À VÉLO is a platform dedicated to urban cyclists and offers the best equipment and accessories for them, coupled with a range of products dedicated to cycling.


LeRondCentral.fr is an e-commerce platform, which focuses on offering a vast range of ADIDAS & NIKE products. It caters to the needs of the sports enthusiasts who love the two brands.

Possible France

Possible France promotes sustainable fashion through its clothing and accessory rental service. Customers can get a new wardrobe every month without accumulating waste or overspending.

Holly’s Paris

Holly’s Paris is a pioneer in fashion retail, boasting the world’s first autonomous fashion accessories retail store. The brand offers unique, fashion-forward accessories.

Plaiz (Acquired by Watiz)

Plaiz, founded by Billel Attouchi, Boukar Sall, and Florian Gras, was a social network and mobile app dedicated to fashion lovers before its acquisition by Watiz.


CHO promotes sustainable fashion by offering lightweight, sustainable jewelry. They believe in incorporating sustainability in every aspect of their e-commerce business.

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EVA ENGINES, co-founded by Celine Delaugere and David Zerah, is bringing technology to fashion with their SAS-oriented solutions. They are about leveraging technology to revolutionize the fashion industry.

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