Which Campania Software Startups Are Influencing Italy’s Tech Scene in 2023?

The digital evolution in Italy has been evident over the past few years, with the startup industry flourishing across the country. The southern region of Campania, known for its vibrant culture and history, is now also becoming a vibrant hub for technology and software startups. In this article, we introduce you to some of the most promising software startups in Campania dedicated to various industries such as construction, aerospace, forensic engineering, business analysis, and digital marketing.

These startups are innovative businesses that are disrupting their sectors with technological advancements and unique solutions. From cloud-based project management tools to advanced AI platforms to digital marketing solutions, these startups are leading the digital revolution in Italy’s sun-drenched south.

Below are the remarkable software Startups from Campania, each offering a unique approach to meeting the challenges of the digital age and contributing to Campania’s reputation as Italy’s burgeoning tech hub.


MyAEDES is an innovative software firm delivering cloud-based project management tools intended for organizing and planning building construction sites. They are bridging the gap between construction and technology, proving their significant role in the Cloud Management, ICT, IT and Software industry.


Another company reshaping the digital landscape is Hirooks. This firm provides a broad range of IT and digital marketing solutions such as web development, consulting, and business development services. They are undoubtedly causing a stir in the Consulting, IT, Software and Web Development sectors.

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an international accelerator and business attraction center, operates as a hub for artificial intelligence and software solutions, bringing a new edge to the Artificial Intelligence, IT and Software industry.

Project LAB

Offering a unique blend of reel and real world, the Project LAB designs and plans software and hardware-based solutions for home automation systems. The innovative mix places them in the Industrial Design, IT, Mechanical Design and Software industry.

Reference Italia

Reference Italia makes life easier with their software development efforts that focus on creating web and mobile applications. This company is well distinguished in the industry of CRM, Mobile Apps, Outsourcing, Software and Web Development.

SmartUp Engineering

An interesting startup SmartUp Engineering is entering uncharted territories of software development for industrial and scientific applications related to Aerospace.


Technolab is a digital company offering services in developing software and mobile apps that are changing the tech landscape in the Mobile Apps, Software and Technical Support industry.


ForensicsSRL stands out by creating software algorithms to assess, simulate and prevent structural disruptions. Their unique combination of Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, Simulation and Software expertise sets them apart.


iTree designs, develops, and maintains electronic devices and software applications for desktop, mobile, and web platform solutions adding vibrant colors to the Electronics, Mobile and Software industry.


RWSdigital provides an array of tech solutions, including ERP Consulting, cloud application services, development of new IT technologies and cloud platforms.


Novacore offers comprehensive and effective data and cloud infrastructure software solutions making their mark in the Software, Web Design and Web Development industry.

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01Bee is a business communication company that offers artificial intelligence projects for effective communication and training in the Software, Training and Video Conferencing industry.

Theuth Linguistic Engines

Theuth Linguistic Engines specializes in natural language and artificial intelligence solutions to provide robust social media analysis services.


Babilot is a technology provider that offers the design and development of intelligent systems to optimize road safety, creating a strong footstep in Business Development, Information Services, IT and Software industry.


Digitalmens is a digital partner that provides software development and customized ERP system to facilitate smooth businesses processes in the CRM, IT and Software industry.

The rising software startups in Campania are evidence of the immense potential and pioneering spirit of Italy’s digital entrepreneurs, marking Campania as an emerging hotbed for tech innovations in Europe.

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