15 Social Startups in The Netherlands That Are Changing the Game

Discover the Dutch social startups that are using innovation and creativity to connect people, ideas, and communities.

The Netherlands is a hotbed of creativity and innovation, and these 15 social startups are leading the charge in connecting people, ideas, and communities. From dating apps and social media agencies to food-based healthcare platforms and marketing agencies, these startups are using technology and creativity to change the game.


Sportening is a social network for sports fans. It connects people who share a passion for sports and provides a platform to discuss, share and connect with others.


Youseum is an offline social media experience provider. It offers unique and interactive experiences that allow visitors to interact with social media in new and creative ways.


Glaries is a dating app that focuses on only active, real-life dates. It gives users the chance to meet that special someone in person and fosters genuine connections.


Recruitsos is an AI-powered recruitment platform that makes automation human. It uses machine learning to match candidates with job openings and helps employers streamline their hiring process.


Socialytix is a marketing agency that provides branding, advertising, social media marketing, and consulting services. It helps businesses build their online presence and reach new customers.


Foodimus is a food-based healthcare platform, medical laboratory, and network of health coaches. It provides personalized nutrition plans and helps users optimize their health through food.

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Leads to Bookings

Leads to Bookings specializes in social media marketing, advertising, and online lead generation for the leisure and hospitality industries. It helps businesses grow their online presence and attract new customers.

Slice Your Elephant

Slice Your Elephant helps entrepreneurs communicate their unique proposition in all their communications. It offers PR, business development, and social media services to help businesses stand out.


b-like is a private social networking platform that inspires people to be more active. It connects people with similar interests and helps them achieve their goals.

De Nieuwe Gevers

De Nieuwe Gevers is a social organization that offers volunteer work for strategists, designers, online marketers, and social media experts. It helps these professionals give back to their communities while developing their skills.

Gemini Media

Gemini Media is a creative media agency that specializes in storytelling, branding, animation, photography, videos, and digital marketing. It helps businesses tell their stories and reach new audiences.


Viative is a full-service marketing agency that delivers solutions within content creation, social media, and copywriting. It helps businesses create compelling content and reach their target audiences.

Studio Slof

Studio Slof is a digital agency that offers custom website development, UX design, social media, and advertising services. It helps businesses establish their online presence and connect with customers.

Social Media Marketing Agency Holland

Social Media Marketing Agency Holland focuses on client solutions in social media, marketing, advertising, and sales implementation. It helps businesses grow their online presence and reach new customers.

De Social Media Marketeer

De Social Media Marketeer is a personal social media agency that specializes in personal branding and social media marketing. It helps individuals build their personal brand and reach their target audience.

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These startups are pushing the boundaries of social media and changing the way we interact with each other and the world around us. To learn more about these exciting startups in The Netherlands, visit their websites and see how they are making a difference.

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