Startup Showcase: Sellf—The Personal Assistant for Your Business Hustle

Revolutionizing Business Productivity with Your Mobile Personal CRM Assistant

Welcome to another special edition of’ Startup Showcase, the segment that introduces you to the most innovative startups in Europe. Today, we’re focusing on Sellf—an Italian startup that’s here to make your business life easier and more organized. Located in Roncade, Veneto, Sellf serves as a unique mobile personal assistant aimed at helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs), professionals, and sales agents streamline their business flow.

The Runkeeper for Business: What Makes Sellf Unique?

Sellf is often referred to as the ‘Runkeeper for Business,’ and it’s easy to see why. Traditional CRMs and Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems can be overly complex and costly, often offering more features than a small business actually needs. On the flip side, generic productivity applications just don’t offer enough features tailored to business needs. This is where Sellf steps in—a perfect blend of simplicity and function.

The app gathers all your client data, deal progress, to-do lists, and follow-ups in an organized manner. It presents these through intuitive ‘smart cards’ that help you keep track of your business opportunities effortlessly. The application is straightforward, requiring no steep learning curve, making it accessible for everyone from freelancers to SMEs.

Features: More than Just a To-Do List

While Sellf organizes your tasks, appointments, and follow-ups, it also brings a slew of advanced features to the table. The app allows for comprehensive contact management, complete with geolocation information. This facilitates better planning for time and travel, enabling you to get to your appointments more efficiently.

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Moreover, Sellf offers powerful infographics that display your business performance in real-time, directly compared to your objectives. This feature is not just for your desktop; you can access these infographics ‘on the go’ as well. So whether you’re in the office or out in the field, you’ll always be in control of your business.

Flexible, Mobile, Personal: Why Choose Sellf?

What truly sets Sellf apart is its flexibility. The app is designed to adapt to your specific business needs, making it a truly personal assistant. With Sellf, you no longer need to wade through complicated spreadsheets, endless to-do lists, and disorganized notes. All your business operations are neatly presented, helping you eliminate lost opportunities and reduce stress. The application is tailor-made for the busy professional who is always on the move but needs to stay organized.

In Summary

Sellf is filling the gap between complex CRMs and basic productivity apps, providing a flexible, mobile, and personal solution to manage your business effectively. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Sellf is not just another app—it’s your personal business assistant, a must-have for anyone aiming to simplify their professional life.

For more information, or to get the app yourself, check out the links below:

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Keep exploring EU Startups  Digital Renaissance: Spain's Thriving Landscape of Digital Marketing Startups
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