Startup Showcase: IKANGAI – Transforming Digital Business Experiences

Creating Mobile Moments for Meaningful Customer Engagement

In the digital era, customer engagement is key to business success. Enter IKANGAI, a Vienna-based startup specializing in digital business transformation and mobile customer engagement. IKANGAI helps businesses create relevant mobile experiences for their customers, generating meaningful brand recognition. As a full-service provider, IKANGAI offers expertise in concept development, consulting, and implementation to deliver innovative strategies and concepts for customer communication. In this Startup Showcase, we explore how IKANGAI is revolutionizing mobile customer engagement and empowering businesses to reach their customers in the right moment with the information they need.

Building Relevant Mobile Experiences:

IKANGAI’s primary focus is to help businesses create relevant mobile experiences for their customers, fostering brand recognition and engagement. With their expertise in concept development and implementation, IKANGAI generates ideas and strategies to optimize customer communication. By leveraging their qonnect® platform, brands and retailers can create new mobile moments along the customer journey, enabling personalized interactions and delivering information at the right time. IKANGAI’s comprehensive technology offerings, including progressive web apps, native apps, ephemeral apps, mobile web, push notifications, geofencing, chatbots, and interactive displays, ensure businesses have the necessary tools to engage their customers effectively.

Empowering Customer Engagement with Innovative Solutions:

IKANGAI’s mission is to provide businesses with the best available solutions for customer engagement. By offering a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, IKANGAI enables businesses to connect with their customers in innovative and impactful ways. Their progressive web apps and native apps deliver seamless user experiences, while ephemeral apps cater to temporary engagement needs. Mobile web solutions ensure accessibility across devices, while push notifications and geofencing enhance real-time interactions. Chatbots enable automated and personalized customer interactions, while interactive displays create engaging touchpoints. IKANGAI’s comprehensive suite of solutions empowers businesses to drive customer engagement and build lasting relationships.

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Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Collaboration:

IKANGAI thrives on a culture of trust, openness to innovation, and continuous feedback from partners and customers. As a fast-growing and ambitious startup, IKANGAI embraces new opportunities and actively seeks like-minded individuals to collaborate with. By fostering a collaborative environment, IKANGAI ensures that its solutions remain at the forefront of customer engagement trends. Through open communication and a strong partnership approach, IKANGAI builds long-lasting relationships with its clients, ensuring mutual growth and success.


IKANGAI is transforming the landscape of mobile customer engagement by providing businesses with the tools and strategies to create relevant and impactful mobile experiences. With their qonnect® platform and comprehensive range of technologies, IKANGAI empowers brands and retailers to connect with their customers at the right moment, delivering the information they need and fostering meaningful engagement. With a culture of trust, innovation, and collaboration, IKANGAI continues to grow and seek new opportunities to drive customer engagement and shape the future of digital business experiences.


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