Startup Showcase: RiffReporter – Empowering Independent Journalism

Unleashing the Power of Direct Journalism from the Producers

In a world where quality journalism is more crucial than ever, RiffReporter stands out as a cooperative of freelance journalists, photographers, and creatives committed to delivering high-quality journalism. Based in Bremen, RiffReporter empowers independent journalists to report on developments in science, society, environment, and technology. In this Startup Showcase, we delve into how RiffReporter is revolutionizing the field of journalism by providing direct access to independent journalism and empowering journalists to share their stories and expertise.

Direct Access to Independent Journalism:

RiffReporter enables users to access good, independent, and free journalism directly from the producers. In their “Reef,” professional journalists report on various topics, each taking responsibility for their own content. Journalists have the freedom to create a “coral” individually or in a team, focusing on a specific theme, working method, or genre. This unique approach allows journalists to determine what they publish, the frequency of publication, and how they will be compensated for their work. Whether through micropayments, or promotional subscriptions, RiffReporter provides a platform where users only pay for the content that interests them, directly supporting the authors they appreciate.

Empowering Journalists with Autonomy:

At RiffReporter, autonomy is key. The platform operates without content editors or chief editors, allowing journalists to maintain full control over their work. This empowers journalists to share their stories, perspectives, and expertise without external interference. RiffReporter offers a space where journalists can explore topics that matter to them and maintain their integrity while delivering high-quality journalism. By fostering this autonomy, RiffReporter ensures that diverse voices and critical reporting thrive in an era of information overload.

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Fostering Collaboration and Financial Support:

RiffReporter promotes collaboration among journalists and facilitates financial support directly to the journalists themselves. By distributing funds directly to the journalists, RiffReporter enables them to conduct new research and contribute to topics that resonate with their audience. Users have the opportunity to support the journalists they appreciate, fostering a sustainable ecosystem for independent journalism. RiffReporter’s model not only empowers journalists but also encourages the expansion of their expertise on specific topics, ensuring that in-depth reporting and investigative journalism can continue to thrive.


RiffReporter is revolutionizing independent journalism by providing a platform for freelance journalists, photographers, and creatives to share their work directly with their audience. With their commitment to high-quality journalism, RiffReporter empowers journalists to report on important developments across various fields. By embracing autonomy, fostering collaboration, and facilitating financial support, RiffReporter ensures that independent journalism continues to flourish in an era of digital disruption. Through RiffReporter, users can access relevant, insightful, and impactful journalism while directly supporting the journalists they value.


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