Startup Showcase: Urban Owl—Democratizing High-Definition Sunglasses Fashion

Your Style, Your Vote: How Urban Owl is Redefining the Sunglasses Game

Welcome to another edition of Startup Showcase, a dedicated segment from where we bring you some of the most promising startups across Europe. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Urban Owl, an Athens-based startup revolutionizing the world of sunglasses with its community-driven approach and European craftsmanship.

European Craftsmanship at Revolutionary Prices

Tired of paying exorbitant prices for high-quality sunglasses? Urban Owl is here to change that. Leveraging their direct-to-consumer model, they have successfully cut out the middlemen, providing sunglasses that combine European craftsmanship with affordability. The glasses are handmade in Greece, ensuring that quality is never compromised. From the material to the design, every aspect has been meticulously thought out, bringing you sunglasses that don’t just protect your eyes but do so in style.

Not Just a Brand, But a Community

What sets Urban Owl apart is its unique approach to customer engagement. It’s not just a brand; it’s a community. Members have the power to vote on the next style of Urban Owl sunglasses, making it a truly democratic fashion brand. Every month, members and followers on the brand’s Facebook fan page can participate in a vote to choose the design that goes into production next.

The startup collaborates with professional designers who submit their designs, creating a synergy between Urban Owl’s in-house team and external creative minds. This ensures that the sunglasses are always in tune with the latest trends while offering a wide variety of styles. By giving the power to the people, Urban Owl makes sure that the customer is at the forefront of every decision.

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Designer Community: A Platform for Creative Collaboration

But the community engagement doesn’t stop at voting. Urban Owl has established a Designer Community platform where interested designers can submit their designs for the next line of sunglasses. All submitted designs undergo a qualification process by the in-house design team. This collaborative approach not only opens up opportunities for budding designers but also ensures a diverse range of styles and viewpoints, keeping the brand fresh and exciting.

The Future Is Bright, And So Is Your Style

The startup’s unique blend of affordability, quality, and community-driven design positions it as a disruptor in the eyewear industry. In a market where high costs and lack of innovation are the norms, Urban Owl comes as a breath of fresh air. With their commitment to engaging with their community and providing top-notch quality, Urban Owl is undoubtedly a brand to keep an eye on—both literally and metaphorically.

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