Startup Showcase: Digitick, Revolutionizing Web Ticketing Solutions

Transforming the Event Experience through Innovative Ticketing Solutions

Revamping Ticketing Systems for Event Producers

Digitick, an innovative startup based in Paris, France, has been shaking up the event industry with its advanced web ticketing solutions. Established in 2004, Digitick offers its technology to various event producers, including concerts, festivals, sports venues, museums, monuments, and leisure parks. This transformational approach to ticketing optimizes the event experience for both producers and attendees, providing a seamless and user-friendly interface.

A Suite of Comprehensive, Tailored Solutions

What sets Digitick apart is its array of specialized software products, each catering to different facets of the event industry. Among their key products is ‘3RD ACT’, a web ticketing and audience management software perfect for live performances, and ‘MUSEO’, specifically designed for museums and tourist sites. They also offer ‘STORE’, a software catering to the commercial administration of points of sale, and ‘LEISURE’ and ‘SPORTS’, each dedicated to respective ticketing and customer management needs for leisure centers and sports arenas.

Digitick’s innovation extends to the cinema industry with its web ticketing and audience management solutions for movie theatres. Their product portfolio is accessible through various channels, including virtual stores, physical stores, call centers, and legal secondary ticketing channels.

An Innovative Subsidiary of Vivendi

In December 2010, Digitick became a subsidiary of Vivendi, a global leader in media and content industries. Operating under this powerhouse, Digitick has the resources and backing to continue its mission to revolutionize web ticketing solutions and provide unparalleled service to its customers.

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Despite being part of a larger conglomerate, Digitick retains the spirit and agility of a startup, constantly working to improve its services and redefine the industry standards. The company’s ability to anticipate and meet the needs of different sectors within the event industry underscores its innovative approach and commitment to enhancing the customer experience.


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