Sweden’s SaaS Superstars: 15 Startups Redefining Software as a Service

Exploring Sweden's innovative SaaS startups leading the way in software solutions.

Sweden, the land of innovation, is home to a thriving ecosystem of Software as a Service (SaaS) startups. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 15 dynamic Swedish SaaS companies that are reshaping industries and delivering cutting-edge software solutions.


Website: Float

Float is changing the funding game by offering transparent alternatives for recurring revenue businesses. Their FinTech solutions empower businesses to thrive.


Website: Occtoo

Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform (SaaS) that accelerates digital experience and app development, enabling digital teams to work faster.


Website: Digip

Digip is a legal tech SaaS company simplifying trademark protection. They make intellectual property accessible and affordable.


Website: Tengai

Tengai brings AI to recruiting with automatic 2-way dialogues. Their conversational AI ensures unbiased screening for a next-level hiring experience.


Website: Intro

Intro automates screening, outreach, and search processes for companies. They revolutionize the way businesses handle HR and recruiting.


Website: Preactlys

Preactlys develops HR SaaS tools to create digital work environments that support both employers and employees.


Website: Skinfo

Skinfo operates at the intersection of B2B, beauty, and e-commerce. Their SaaS platform is revolutionizing personal health and cosmetics.


Website: Alteruna

Alteruna pioneers multiplayer SaaS for game creators and VR training simulators in healthcare, blending innovation with entertainment.


Website: Maiyak

Maiyak simplifies fundraising for SMEs and investors. Their digital collaboration space streamlines the fundraising process.

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Website: Sensivo

Sensivo is a SaaS platform for clinical research data, transforming how researchers manage and analyze their data.


Website: Filestar

Filestar is your go-to SaaS for file conversions. They make managing different file types a breeze.


Website: Suptask

Suptask introduces a conversational ticketing system on Slack, revolutionizing customer service and team collaboration.


Website: Phyron

Phyron brings vehicles to life with automated AI video, enhancing safety and efficiency across industries.


Website: iconik

iconik is a cloud-native SaaS media management solution, enabling seamless file sharing and collaboration for content creators.


Website: Pembio

Pembio improves human productivity with their SaaS app, leveraging goal-setting, execution, and fine-tuning for lasting results.

These 15 Swedish SaaS startups are at the forefront of software innovation, offering solutions that drive efficiency, collaboration, and growth across various industries. As Sweden continues to nurture its tech talent, these companies are shaping the future of SaaS and changing the way businesses operate globally.

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