Ireland’s Consulting Revolution: 15 Innovative Startups Leading the Way

Unveiling the dynamic consulting landscape in Ireland through 15 remarkable startups.

Ireland, often associated with its thriving tech scene, is home to a burgeoning consulting sector. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 15 exciting Irish consulting startups that are reshaping industries and providing innovative solutions.


Website: Everyangle

Everyangle specializes in computer vision applications, leveraging Cisco Meraki MV smart cameras to serve retail and industrial firms.

Planet Crust

Website: Planet Crust

Planet Crust is a software development company that offers rapid application development and business process management solutions.


Website: BoatyardX

BoatyardX collaborates with global brands to design, build, and support software products, driving innovation in the service industry.

Zill Consulting

Website: Zill Consulting

Zill Consulting specializes in XM advisory, design, architecture, program implementation, and managed services to enhance client experiences.

Arkane Innovation

Website: Arkane Innovation

Arkane Innovation offers comprehensive consulting services for designing, building, and implementing innovation-led solutions.


Website: Appify

Appify is a leading technology delivery agency, excelling in digital product development across various industries.


Website: LivEazi

LivEazi provides support services and delivers information to clients, ensuring their consulting needs are met.

S Ryan Invest

Website: S Ryan Invest

S Ryan Invest offers research and investment consulting, serving investors, fund managers, real estate professionals, and trade associations.

Beta Digital

Website: Beta Digital

Beta Digital delivers digital consulting services to diverse organizations, optimizing their digital transformation journeys.


Website: Stratega

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Stratega offers web design, growth hacking, SEO, consulting, and digital marketing services, catering to startups and SMEs.


Website: Idryll

Idryll specializes in digital transformation and mobility solutions, providing design services tailored to business needs.

Mortgage Buddy

Website: Mortgage Buddy

Mortgage Buddy offers mortgage, financial, life, and illness cover services, ensuring clients make informed decisions.

The Inner Impact

Website: The Inner Impact

The Inner Impact helps individuals discover and overcome personal barriers to achieve their goals through career planning and personal development.


Website: QPPV

QPPV provides consultancy services in human and veterinary pharmacovigilance, cosmetovigilance, and medical device vigilance.

Decision Point AI™ Europe

Website: Decision Point AI™ Europe

Decision Point AI™ Europe offers professional services consulting for business key decision-making solutions, powered by artificial intelligence.

These 15 Irish consulting startups are at the forefront of innovation, delivering tailored solutions that enhance businesses and transform industries. As Ireland’s consulting landscape continues to evolve, these companies are driving change, offering expertise, and fostering growth in a rapidly evolving world.

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