Bio-Innovation Blooms: 15 Cutting-Edge Biotechnology Startups from Denmark

Exploring Denmark's thriving biotech landscape through 15 trailblazing startups.

Denmark, known for its picturesque landscapes and rich culture, is also a fertile ground for biotechnology startups. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to discover 15 remarkable Danish biotech startups that are pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Twelve Bio

Website: Twelve Bio

Twelve Bio pioneers CRISPR-Cas12a diagnostic technology, capable of detecting and altering DNA sequences, revolutionizing health diagnostics.


Website: Biograil

Biograil manufactures an innovative oral device for biologics delivery, making it easier for patients to access vital treatments.


Website: Henlez

Henlez specializes in biologic solutions for managing recurrent and follicular skin disorders, enhancing skin health.

Enduro Genetics

Website: Enduro Genetics

Enduro Genetics is committed to enabling large-scale fermentations, contributing to advancements in biotechnology and medical devices.


Website: CysBio

CysBio, a spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark, focuses on biotechnology in healthcare, driving innovations in patient care.

Cytoki Pharma

Website: Cytoki Pharma

Cytoki Pharma specializes in developing novel medicines to combat various diseases, making significant strides in the life sciences.


Website: Cbio

Cbio offers TIL immunotherapies, ATMPs, and clinical-stage cancer treatments, contributing to improved patient outcomes.

GLX Analytix

Website: GLX Analytix

GLX Analytix combines blood biomarkers with AI to personalize healthcare, offering cutting-edge solutions for better medical outcomes.

BOOST Pharma

Website: BOOST Pharma

BOOST Pharma is developing a stem cell therapy for osteogenesis imperfecta, potentially transforming treatment for this rare condition.

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Website: BioLib

BioLib is a repository of biological data science, providing researchers with valuable resources for their work.

Clutch Cognition

Website: Clutch Cognition

Clutch Cognition offers nutritious beverages that support cognition and mental performance, blending biotech with nutrition.

Blue Cell Therapeutics

Website: Blue Cell Therapeutics

Blue Cell Therapeutics is developing stem cell therapies to combat chronic diseases, potentially changing the landscape of medical treatment.

2N Pharma

Website: 2N Pharma

2N Pharma focuses on therapeutic drug candidates for neurodegenerative diseases, offering hope to those affected.


Fermexa is a pharmaceutical company pioneering technologies for the synthetic optimization of polyphenols, contributing to medical advancements.


Website: MedicQuant

MedicQuant manufactures diagnostic kits for blood anticoagulant properties, enhancing medical equipment and patient care.

These 15 Danish biotech startups are at the forefront of innovation, driving advancements in healthcare, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Denmark’s biotechnology sector continues to thrive, offering groundbreaking solutions that have the potential to change lives and shape the future of medicine.

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