Startup Showcase: “CATOPSYS: Revolutionizing Immersive Virtual Reality Technologies”

Deploying Comprehensive VR Experiences Anywhere, Anytime

Our Startup Showcase features one of the most innovative startups in the immersive technology space, CATOPSYS. Based in Aubière, Auvergne, France, CATOPSYS is dedicated to delivering immersive technologies in virtual reality that are easy to deploy anywhere, effectively revolutionizing the way we experience digital environments.

Pioneering Virtual Reality: A Historical Perspective

The journey of CATOPSYS began in 2003, when Mr. Laurent Sarry, a professor at the University of Auvergne, and IUT du Puy-en-Velay demonstrated the feasibility of undistorted projection from a master image. This groundbreaking research spurred the development of CATOPSYS, a project coordinated by Sarry and the University of Auvergne.

Recognized for its groundbreaking potential, CATOPSYS was selected during the ANR’s “audiovisual and multimedia program” call for tenders. A consortium agreement was signed by several major players, leading to the filing of a patent for a panoramic projection device in 2007. This patented technology has since formed the foundation of CATOPSYS’ innovative offerings in the virtual reality sector.

Immersive Projection: Bridging the Gap between Reality and Virtuality

CATOPSYS has achieved significant advancements in the immersive technology sector, successfully developing a single projector system, automatic calibration software, and software bricks for immersive projection. The refinement of these innovations has led to the transition from one to two video projectors, thereby improving the resolution by a factor of four.

Moreover, the utilization of a wider hemispheric mirror has significantly enhanced the focus of the projection, providing users with a more immersive and seamless virtual reality experience. The evolution of CATOPSYS’ offerings continued with the production of two prototypes in 2010-2011, offering 180° and 360° projections respectively.

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Powering Forward: Catopsys in Action

In 2011, Mr. Daniel Duhautbout joined the CATOPSYS team as manager, stabilizing the software and successfully launching initial roll-outs. SAS Catopsys was officially incorporated in January 2013 under the leadership of Mr. Duhautbout.

CATOPSYS’s innovative solutions have already made waves in the immersive technology sector. They have exhibited their technology at prestigious events and expos, including the Défense EuroSatory trade fair and Siggraph Asia in Singapore, receiving positive feedback and recognition.


In conclusion, CATOPSYS is a groundbreaking startup that is pushing the boundaries of immersive technologies in virtual reality. With their innovative approach and commitment to creating easily deployable solutions, CATOPSYS is set to continue revolutionizing the VR landscape, and we are excited to see what the future holds for them.


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