Startup Showcase: G-KEEP – Revolutionizing Fuel Management with Innovation

Efficient Fuel Management Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Fuel management is a critical aspect of any fleet management operation, and G-KEEP is the innovative startup that is transforming the industry with their cutting-edge solution. With a mission to provide real-time access to fuel information and prevent fuel theft, diversion, and abnormal consumption, G-KEEP is empowering fleet managers worldwide to optimize their operations and drive efficiency. By leveraging advanced technology and non-intrusive methods, G-KEEP is redefining fuel management for the transportation ecosystem.

Fuel Management Reinvented

G-KEEP has spent four years developing a connected tank solution that revolutionizes fuel management. Their innovative approach aims to give fleet managers real-time access to crucial information about each tank, allowing them to identify and address issues promptly. By preventing fuel theft, diversion by drivers, and abnormal consumption, G-KEEP ensures that every liter of fuel purchased is consumed efficiently, minimizing waste and improving profitability.

Unlocking Accurate Fuel Data

One of the key challenges in fuel management is the accuracy of fuel level measurements. Traditional gauges in vehicles often provide unreliable readings, leading to inaccurate fuel consumption data. G-KEEP addresses this issue by utilizing a non-intrusive, high-performance pressure sensor to gather precise fuel level information. This accurate data empowers fleet managers to make informed decisions and implement necessary corrective actions, ensuring optimal fuel utilization.

Collaboration for a Sustainable Transportation Ecosystem

G-KEEP recognizes that fuel management extends beyond fleet operations. It impacts the entire transportation ecosystem, including geolocators, tank manufacturers, and truck manufacturers. By providing accurate fuel level information that is not commonly available, G-KEEP’s solution enhances collaboration and communication within the industry. This collaborative approach fosters efficiency, reduces waste, and promotes sustainability across the transportation sector.

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Embracing Multiple Channels for Service Delivery

G-KEEP understands the importance of flexibility and accessibility in delivering their services. They leverage various channels that are often overlooked by their competitors to reach a broader audience. Through their website, mobile applications, and integration capabilities, G-KEEP ensures that their solution is accessible to fleet managers and other stakeholders in the transportation ecosystem. This multi-channel approach enables seamless adoption of their innovative fuel management solution.

Join the Fuel Management Revolution with G-KEEP

G-KEEP is at the forefront of transforming fuel management practices, offering innovative solutions for fleet managers worldwide. By providing real-time access to crucial fuel information, their non-intrusive and accurate fuel monitoring technology empowers fleet managers to optimize fuel consumption, reduce waste, and improve profitability. With a focus on collaboration and sustainability, G-KEEP is driving change in the transportation ecosystem.


Be a part of the fuel management revolution with G-KEEP. Discover how their innovative solution can transform your fleet operations, enhance efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable future.


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