Sweden’s Mobile Marvels: 15 Startups Shaping the Future on Your Phone

Discover Sweden's trailblazing mobile startups and their innovative solutions.

Sweden, renowned for its technological innovation, is a hotbed of mobile startups redefining the way we interact with our phones. In this article, we introduce you to 15 dynamic Swedish startups, each offering a unique mobile experience that’s changing the game.


Website: Coupleness

Coupleness fosters intimacy by providing a mobile social network exclusively for couples, helping partners strengthen their connections.


Website: N/A

Higher is on a mission to revolutionize recruitment with its mobile software solution, streamlining the hiring process.


Website: xroom.app

xroom.app is redefining video conferencing with a secure and white-label platform, making virtual meetings more versatile and private.


Website: MIOO

MIOO offers a subscription-based bicycle service and insurance through its mobile app, transforming urban commuting.

Surfboard Payments

Website: Surfboard Payments

Surfboard Payments is a Swedish FinTech crafting next-gen payment solutions for in-store settings, enhancing the customer experience.

P27 Nordic Payments

Website: P27 Nordic Payments

P27 Nordic Payments is building a digital platform for real-time cross-border payments, simplifying transactions for businesses and consumers.


Website: House:ID

House:ID simplifies real estate ownership and management through its mobile app, making property administration hassle-free.


Website: Flasheye

Flasheye leverages technology from various industries to create innovative industrial applications, propelling Swedish industry into the future.


Website: Linky

Linky offers a Platform-as-a-Service solution for mobile payments and parking, making urban mobility more convenient.


Website: Movvio

Movvio is your go-to mobile app for TV show and movie recommendations, enhancing your entertainment experience.

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Website: Mysaly

Mysaly provides an innovative mobile app that enables real-time salary payments for hourly workers, promoting financial well-being.


Website: Kebitz

Kebitz offers a unique mobile app connecting users with experts who provide personalized video advice on various topics.


Website: MyStamp

MyStamp empowers small businesses with digital loyalty programs, enhancing customer engagement and retention.


Website: Done

Done is a managed marketplace that connects users with skilled craftsmen through video calls, streamlining home improvement projects.


Website: Parkiro

Parkiro is an AI-powered smart mobility and parking solution, making urban living more convenient and efficient.

These 15 innovative Swedish startups are at the forefront of mobile technology, shaping the way we live, work, and play. As Sweden continues to nurture its tech-savvy ecosystem, these companies are breaking boundaries and transforming the future of mobile experiences.

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