Estonia’s Artistic Innovation: 15 Startups Shaping the Creative Landscape

A glimpse into Estonia's vibrant art and tech fusion.

Estonia, known for its innovative tech ecosystem, is also fostering a burgeoning art scene. In this article, we explore 15 intriguing Estonian startups that are at the intersection of technology and creativity, redefining the art industry.


Website: Sentinel

Sentinel is at the forefront of combating synthetic media through its detection platform, using AI to identify manipulated content.


Website: Stakin

Stakin serves as an infrastructure provider for public Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks, contributing to the security and decentralization of the crypto space.

Botgate AI

Website: Botgate AI

Botgate AI offers a conversational marketing and sales platform infused with AI, redefining customer interactions and conversions.

Logistify AI

Website: Logistify AI

Logistify AI transforms warehousing businesses with its AI platform, optimizing operations and enhancing efficiency.


Website: DataCalculus

DataCalculus democratizes data science with its automated software, making advanced data analysis and machine learning accessible globally.


Website: Zapista

Zapista offers custom online art design and fine art prints, revolutionizing how art enthusiasts engage with and create art.


Website: AUTOM8

AUTOM8 integrates AI-powered Static Application Security Testing (SAST) into software development lifecycles, enhancing code security.


Website: iVCV

iVCV provides an AI-based platform for unbiased candidate profile screening, revolutionizing recruitment processes.

AuctionVilla Marketplace

Website: AuctionVilla Marketplace

AuctionVilla Marketplace employs AI to drive digital assets auctions and app intelligence, connecting entrepreneurs and developers.


Website: Fyma

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Fyma is the world’s urban movement analytics platform, leveraging empirical data for better urban planning and commerce.


Website: Dysnix

Dysnix offers IT solutions, including AI/ML development and blockchain app development, transforming businesses with cutting-edge tech.

Mains Laboratory

Website: Mains Laboratory

Mains Laboratory combats inefficiencies and fraud in insurance, helping insurers save up to 15% on P&L.


Website: Persius

Persius is an AI-based platform that empowers artists by helping them gain recognition among their target audience.

PlayJoy Studios

Website: PlayJoy Studios

PlayJoy Studios is a game development and art outsourcing company that’s pushing the boundaries of creativity in the gaming industry.

DriveX Technologies

Website: DriveX Technologies

DriveX Technologies introduces AI-assisted vehicle verification, revolutionizing the auto insurance and rental industries.

These 15 Estonian startups exemplify the fusion of artistry and technology, creating innovative solutions that are reshaping the art and tech landscape. As Estonia continues to be a breeding ground for creative entrepreneurship, these startups are pioneering new ways to appreciate, interact with, and create art in the digital age.

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