Shaping the Future of Finance: 15 FinTech Startups to Watch in France

France is a hotbed of innovation when it comes to financial technology, or FinTech. With a growing number of startups developing new solutions to address the challenges faced by individuals and businesses, the French FinTech ecosystem is expanding at an impressive pace. In this article, we take a closer look at 15 of the most interesting FinTech startups based in France.

Swan: The Easiest Way to Embed Banking Features into Any Digital Product

Swan is a platform that allows developers to embed banking features into any digital product. The platform’s API connects to banking systems, allowing developers to integrate features such as account creation, transactions, and card issuance. Swan was founded by Mathieu Breton, Nicolas Benady, and Nicolas Saison.

Libeo: Simplifying Processing and Payment of Account Payables for SMEs

Libeo aims to simplify the processing and payment of account payables for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The platform allows SMEs to manage their invoices, approvals, and payments in one place. Libeo was founded by Jeremy Attuil, Pierre Dutaret, and Pierre-Antoine Glandier.

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Pixpay: Mobile Banking for Teens

Pixpay provides mobile banking services specifically designed for teenagers. The platform offers a debit card and mobile app that allows teenagers to manage their finances, make payments, and save money. Pixpay was founded by Benoit Grassin.

ParaSwap: Bringing Every Exchange Protocol into One Platform

ParaSwap is a platform that aims to solve the liquidity problem in crypto markets by bringing every exchange protocol into one platform. The platform aggregates liquidity from multiple sources to offer the best price for a particular trade. ParaSwap was founded by Mounir Benchemled.

SheeldMarket: Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with Hidden Positions

SheeldMarket is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to keep their positions hidden. The platform uses a proprietary algorithm that ensures anonymity while still allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies. SheeldMarket was founded by Arnaud Carrere, Oliver Yates, and Simon Douyer.

Vybe: Digital Platform for Payment Cards for Young People

Vybe is a digital platform that enables the development of payment cards for young people aged 13 to 18. The platform offers features such as spending control, parental supervision, and financial education. Vybe was founded by Alexandre PIDAULT, Brice Garnier, and Maxence Cornet.

Aria: Payment Terms as a Service

Aria provides businesses with Payment-terms-as-a-Service, enabling instant payment as the new B2B standard. The platform helps businesses optimize their cash flow and reduce payment times. Aria was founded by Clément Carrier and Vincent Folny.

Cauri Money: Digital Banking Solutions via App for Fund Transfer

Cauri Money specializes in financial technology, offering a wide range of digital banking solutions via an app for fund transfers. The platform enables individuals to transfer money quickly and easily, with low fees. Cauri Money was founded by unknown founders.

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Pono Financial Solutions: Fintech Company

Pono Financial Solutions is a fintech company that aims to provide innovative financial solutions. The company’s mission is to create a fairer financial system that benefits everyone. Pono Financial Solutions was founded by unknown founders.

Fydem: Automatic Creditworthiness Evaluation and Instant Loan Origination

Fydem offers a solution that automatically evaluates the creditworthiness of individuals and originates loans instantly. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to provide personalized loan offers. Fydem was founded by Jonathan Dahan and Nick van Roekel.

Money Walkie: NFC Wallet Payment Solution for Kids

Money Walkie is an NFC wallet payment solution designed for kids. The platform allows parents to give their children pocket money that can be used for in-store purchases, online transactions, and more. Money Walkie was founded by Raphael LEPRETTE.

Revaia: Growth Equity Investment Fund Focused on European Technology Companies

Revaia is a growth equity investment fund that focuses on European technology companies with a sustainable ethos. The fund aims to invest in companies that have a positive impact on the environment, society, and the economy. Revaia was founded by Alice Albizzati and Elina Berrebi.

KeeperDAO: On-Chain Liquidity Underwriter for DeFi

KeeperDAO is an on-chain liquidity underwriter for decentralized finance (DeFi). The platform provides liquidity for DeFi protocols, ensuring their stability and growth. KeeperDAO was founded by Bainy Zhang, Joey Zacherl, and Susruth Nadimpalli. SaaS Technology Provider for Financial Inclusion is a SaaS technology provider that enables financial inclusion. The platform provides solutions that enable low-income individuals and small businesses to access financial services. was founded by Antoine Griveaud and Julien Mahuzier.

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Kamix: Commission-Free Money Transfer Application

Kamix is a commission-free money transfer application that allows users to transfer money quickly and easily, with no fees. The platform offers a range of features, including instant transfers and multi-currency support. Kamix was founded by unknown founders.


The FinTech ecosystem in France is home to a growing number of startups that are developing innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by individuals and businesses. From mobile banking for teenagers to on-chain liquidity underwriters for DeFi, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of finance. As the FinTech industry continues to grow, it will be exciting to see what new solutions these startups will bring to the table.

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