Startup Showcase: Xcerion – Pioneering the Future of Cloud Computing

Revolutionizing Cloud Services Through Disruptive Technologies and Businesses

In this Startup Showcase, we delve into the transformative world of Xcerion, a dynamic holding company hailing from Linköping, Sweden. Specializing in managing key assets within the realm of cloud computing and its portfolio companies, Xcerion is redefining what is possible in this sector. From launching and selling iCloud, to curating a portfolio of promising cloud computing businesses, Xcerion stands out in its unending pursuit of technological innovation and advancement.

Cloud Innovators: The Story of Xcerion

Founded in 2001 by Daniel Arthursson, Xcerion has been at the forefront of cloud-based technological innovations. Perhaps most famously, the company invented, created, and launched iCloud, a service that drastically altered how we perceive and utilize data storage today. The project was sold in 2011, yet it remains a testament to Xcerion’s prowess and vision in the field of cloud computing.

Xcerion now holds key assets in technology, patents, and domain names relating to Cloud Computing. It manages an impressive portfolio of businesses, each contributing unique solutions and innovations to the ever-evolving world of cloud services.

Portfolio of Future-Ready Cloud Businesses

Xcerion’s current portfolio includes companies that offer diverse yet complementary cloud solutions. CloudMe is a secure European cloud storage service that offers cloud-sync, sharing and backup functionality. CloudBackend delivers a distributed Edge Database Platform as a Service (Edge dbPaas), revolutionizing database management and deployment in the cloud. The portfolio also includes XIOS/3, a low-code and edge/client-side application server, which simplifies application development and deployment.

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Additionally, Xcerion holds IP-assets like a Cloud Convergence Platform, cloud patents and CloudTop, a cloud-based virtual desktop service. This portfolio of companies and assets allows Xcerion to offer a comprehensive range of cloud solutions to businesses across industries, and maintain a pioneering role in cloud innovation.


Xcerion represents a blend of rich history, innovative present, and a future-ready outlook in the domain of cloud computing. This holding company has proven time and again its capabilities to create and foster businesses that push the boundaries of technology. With the Internet and cloud-based solutions becoming ever more integral to our lives, Xcerion and its portfolio of companies will be the ones to watch in the coming years.

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