Startup Showcase: CloudMe – Europe’s Secure Cloud Storage Champion

Revolutionizing Data Protection for EU Businesses and Consumers

In this edition of Startup Showcase, we spotlight the cutting-edge Swedish startup CloudMe, a leading European provider of sync and cloud storage services. Operating out of Linköping, Sweden, CloudMe is carving out a niche as a secure and independent cloud service for small and medium businesses (SMB) and individual consumers, offering an appealing alternative to US-centric cloud solutions.

The Inception of CloudMe

CloudMe’s founders are no strangers to the cloud storage business. They are the same visionary minds who conceived, launched, and subsequently sold iCloud to Apple, giving them a wealth of experience in this highly competitive industry. The founders’ aim with CloudMe is to provide a cloud service that stands independent from US surveillance, thereby addressing the growing concerns around data privacy and protection that are prevalent in European businesses.

The CloudMe Advantage: Security, Control, and Compliance

The primary strength of CloudMe lies in its commitment to data security and legal compliance. The service grants IT administrators comprehensive control over data synced by employees’ computers and mobile devices. This eliminates the risk of syncing with iCloud or Google, thereby preventing potential data leakage and surveillance for businesses operating outside the US.

This level of control is crucial for European businesses striving to comply with the EU Data Protection Act. The Act, which took effect from February 1, 2016, following the dismissal of the Safe Harbor Act, renders the use of US services for personal data illegal. CloudMe is an invaluable solution in this context, ensuring compliance and providing peace of mind for its users.

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In addition to these security and compliance features, CloudMe offers several distinctive features not found in its US-based competitors. These include client-side encryption, syncing of multiple folders, offloading content to the cloud that will not be synced, accessing CloudMe as a network hard drive without syncing, and a common central storage for company files.

The Vision: An Independent Internet File System

CloudMe has a bold and ambitious vision: to become the internet’s file system, eliminating the need for managing physical hard drives. It aims to serve as the central repository for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the primary storage point for online services and online identity. CloudMe aspires to be the fourth independent ecosystem, and the only one outside the US, offering a viable European alternative to iCloud, Google, and Microsoft for everyone outside the US.


With an impressive pedigree and a firm commitment to data security and legal compliance, CloudMe is a force to be reckoned with in the cloud storage industry. Its mission to provide a European alternative to the dominant US services resonates with the growing demand for data sovereignty, making CloudMe an essential player in the future of cloud storage services.

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