Startup Showcase: CloudBackend – Pioneering Edge Native Development

Disrupting Conventional Clouds with Distributed Edge Computing

Welcome to another Startup Showcase, where we highlight some of the most innovative and exciting startups from across Europe. Today, we turn the spotlight on CloudBackend, a Sweden-based company championing a seismic shift in cloud computing by enabling the transition from cloud native to edge native development.

About CloudBackend

Based in Linköping, Sweden, CloudBackend is pioneering the next generation of database platform as a service (dbPaaS) focused on edge cloud computing. The company provides a global distributed data management platform that operates across clouds and edge infrastructures, offering customers a single industrialized distributed cloud that abstracts underlying differences and functions as a unified system.

CloudBackend’s unique software solution integrates Edge Cloud Computing with Serverless Computing, making it unnecessary for clients to run their own code at the edge. The result is a ‘no touch’ edge that automatically delivers data on demand, whenever requested, allowing the cloud to be finally industrialized.

The CloudBackend Advantage: Edge Native Over Cloud Native

The core value proposition of CloudBackend is its ambitious goal to disrupt conventional cloud computing with distributed edge computing. The company believes it can make edge cloud computing the default, the go-to mainstream technology for anything cloud-related.

CloudBackend’s argument for shifting from cloud native to edge native development hinges on several benefits. These include reduced latency, a superior user experience, and worldwide coverage from day one. In essence, CloudBackend is asking a provocative question: “Why build something for a purely centralized cloud, when you can build it native for the edge?”

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Market Relevance and Impact

Customers in industries such as telecom, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial automation, and IoT are actively seeking solutions to gather, process, manage, and synchronize data across the edge. Many companies are building Edge Cloud Computing Infrastructure, and CloudBackend provides the technology that enables them to participate in the Edge Platform as a Service marketplace.

This marketplace allows end-customers to buy capacity from a single legal entity, with an abstraction layer that eliminates all complexities arising from having numerous underlying infrastructures and technologies. By offering this solution, CloudBackend is addressing a critical need in the market and paving the way for a new era of edge native development.

Connect with CloudBackend

To learn more about CloudBackend and their cutting-edge solutions, connect with them through the following channels:




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