Italian Innovation: 15 Consumer Goods Startups Redefining Everyday Life

Exploring the innovation and creativity behind Italy's consumer goods startups.

Italy has long been known for its excellence in consumer goods, from fashion to food. Today, a new wave of startups is continuing this tradition of excellence by infusing innovation, sustainability, and creativity into everyday products. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 15 remarkable consumer goods startups in Italy that are reshaping industries and offering fresh solutions.


Website: Ohoskin

Ohoskin is revolutionizing the world of fashion with bio-based materials made from oranges and cactuses, offering sustainable alternatives to traditional leather.

Bruno Cell

Website: Bruno Cell

Bruno Cell is on a mission to make cultured meat an economically sustainable resource by funding and managing research projects in the food and beverage industry.


Website: RD24

RD24 is a marketplace for rentals, offering a wide range of products, including furniture, sports equipment, and fitness gear, making it easy for consumers to access what they need without the commitment of ownership.


Website: Agrisene

Agrisene is dedicated to producing and importing agricultural products, contributing to the growth of the farming industry.


Website: Marypop

Marypop is a retail company specializing in the production of stylish bags and accessories, adding a touch of Italian fashion to everyday life.

FLAU Dermacare

Website: FLAU Dermacare

FLAU Dermacare offers a range of beauty products designed specifically for sensitive skin, catering to diverse skincare needs.

Time for Planet

Website: Time for Planet

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Time for Planet designs, manufactures, and distributes mechanical wristwatches, combining timeless craftsmanship with modern design.

Black Lab Props

Website: Black Lab Props

Black Lab Props is your go-to rental company for furniture and accessories, helping you create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.


Website: Cavó

Cavó specializes in crafting high-quality leather products, adding a touch of elegance to everyday items.

Gotti Store

Website: Gotti Store

Gotti Store is an online destination for beautifully decorated table tools and accessories, elevating dining experiences.

Linda Damiani

Website: Linda Damiani

Linda Damiani’s online shop offers a collection of handbags, pochettes, and shopper bags, each designed to make a statement.


Website: PG

PG is an online retailer specializing in mattresses, memory springs, and accessories, ensuring a good night’s sleep for all.


Website: Materialcasa

Materialcasa is an e-shop that delivers a wide range of sanitary ware, taps, floor tiles, and bathroom accessories, helping you create the perfect home environment.


Website: FABA

FABA is dedicated to stimulating children’s imagination with innovative products, from audiobooks to educational toys.


Website: IUV

IUV offers food coatings and films, ensuring freshness and sustainability in the food industry.

These 15 consumer goods startups from Italy are at the forefront of innovation, offering creative, sustainable, and stylish solutions to enhance our everyday lives. Whether it’s reimagining materials, providing rental options, or adding elegance to dining, these startups are shaping the future of consumer goods. Keep an eye on them as they continue to redefine industries and contribute to a more vibrant and sustainable future.

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